Can Legalizing Marijuana Help Appalachia?

By Michael P. Tremoglie   NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Will legalizing marijuana help or hinder some of the poorest of Americans? Appalachia has long been known for intractable poverty, coal and moonshine. But what many do not know is that marijuana is an Appalachian cash crop. Some say it will only help; after all, Appalachians … Continue reading Can Legalizing Marijuana Help Appalachia?

Kentucky supports WV Coal Miners and their Families

After watching the news this morning, I thought it was important that the WV Coal Miners and their Families know that we are praying for them and support them in their time of need. (As reported by ABC News) The West Virginia community rocked by a massive mine explosion that killed 25 people are holding … Continue reading Kentucky supports WV Coal Miners and their Families