March 7, 2018 Today In Frankfort; Praying for HB 166 !

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As I sat here patiently waiting for the Kentucky Legislature to take a vote on HB 166, I was thinking of a way to say,


to ALL of the people who took a stand this year in Kentucky!

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Jaime Montalvo   Justin Lewandoski   Eric Michelle Crawford   Pat Dunegan   Jennifer Dunegan   Dan Seum   Sally Oh   Dan Malano Seum   Tony Ashley   Elihu Shepherd   Tim Simpson   Henry Fox   Gina Daugherty   Chad Wilson    Thomas Tony Vance    Rebecca Collins   Blackii Effing Whyte 

There are many more which have not been listed here! 

Remembering also those that have in past years took up this fight and were the leaders from the beginning!

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Gatewood Galbraith – Wikipedia   Galbraith supported the legalization of recreational marijuana use, arguing that the framers of the US Constitution “did not say we have a Constitutional right to possess alcohol. They said we have a Constitutional right to privacy in our homes, under which fits the possession of an extremely poisonous alcohol. Now this is the law in Kentucky today. In fact, it is these rulings that keep the Kentucky State Police from kicking down the doors of people possessing alcohol in Kentucky’s 77 ‘dry’ counties right now and hauling their butts off to jail. Now Marijuana is a demonstrably less harmful substance than alcohol and presents far less of threat to public welfare. So it also fits in a person’s right to privacy in their home. It’s beyond the police power of the state as long as I don’t sell it and it’s for my own personal use.”[10]

Craig Lee   Tony Adkins  Ron Moore  David Weigand   Angela Gatewood   Erin Grossman Vu  Robin Rider-Osborne   Paula Willett  Cher Ford-mccullough Brian McCullough  Mary Thomas-Spears  Lynne Wilson  Roland A. Duby   Hugh Yonn  Patrick Moore  

Again, I have missed so many names that should be listed here! 

Many people put their own lives on hold to take on Kentucky’s Cannabis battle, whether it be for medicinal, recreational or even palliative care, they all took a stand…and walked all the way to Frankfort to prove it.    Not literally, of course.  I hope they all had a decent ride to get there but surely there were a few old broken down cars in the parking lot as well.  But by the time they all left there yesterday evening it felt as though they had  literally walked those miles.

All different types of people working toward one cause – to get some kind of Cannabis reform into Kentucky!

At the end of the day, the vote for HB 166 was passed over!  A very disappointing outcome for many thousands of Kentuckians who very much needed that Bill to pass! 

How is it possible that legislation so favored by the citizens has not already become law? What is it about this legislation that has Kentucky’s legislators so scared that they are willing to buck the will of the majority of the citizens?
I am of course talking about the legalization of cannabis for medical uses. With 80% favorability and a multitude of benefits arising from the use of cannabis it is confounding to see the Assembly leadership refuse the will of the people and bury all cannabis bills in committee. For what purpose are they doing this?  LINK

When I first started posting to blogs about medical cannabis or “repeal prohibition” it was 2003.  That was 15 years ago.  By the time I became affiliated with the USMjParty it was 2005 and 2010 before I really became involved in any administration of the group.  I always fought for the repeal of prohibition as a whole, but most importantly for Cannabis because yes, I believe Cannabis is a medicine, but first it has to be recognized as a food or ‘herb’ that cannot be controlled by the U.N. or any Government entity!  It is our unalienable right to grow and use the plants that our “Creator” put here on this planet for us! Only commerce can be controlled by our Government, according to the Constitution.  Therefore what we grow on our property or consume in our homes is actually none of the Government’s business!  But they MADE it their business – a long time ago. 

To understand how they accomplished this takeover, you can read the “Elkhorn Manifesto” through this link.  That was the beginning of the downfall of the United States as we see it today.  The U.N. which was formed in 1945 with five founding members including the United States was the beginning of the NWO as we know it today.  The ONDCP and the 1961 Narcotic Convention as well as the 1970 Controlled Substance Act and the DEA instituted by Nixon, as a requirement of the 1970 CSA, as per the U.N., conveniently wrapped up our lives under the control of the NWO.  I wrote about this a couple of years ago and it has a lot of interesting links of information it that article.

The U.N. just issued a statement reminding all signatory Countries to be mindful of their “Treaties” regarding Marijuana.

Be mindful of the fact that it is not just Marijuana that they seek to control.  Control the food and medicine and you will control the people.

We are just now seeing how one world Government will work.  It is reaching into all facets of our lives, some not noticeable yet to the average person, not just whether or not Marijuana is “legal”. 

All of these things together, coupled with the fact that our Legislature has their own agenda for Kentucky influences the outcome of any Cannabis legislation being passed here. 

We still have a couple weeks to see what the outcome will be for the Citizens of Kentucky.  Will the hard work by our dedicated Activists pay off for the Patients who are in such need in our State?  We can only continue to pray and also continue calling


and make sure your voice is heard!

As well, K.C.F.C. and others are gathering in Frankfort to show support.  You can follow them at this LINK.

There is a VERY good article documenting all of the Cannabis Bills in Kentucky this year at Kentucky Free Press.  If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to look at it.

Sally Oh,  who writes for Kentucky Free Press, was LIVE on Facebook on February 25th, explaining Medical Cannabis, States’ Rights & the Civil War  and I encourage you to view that video as well.

Sally Oh KY Free Press

Again, I want to thank everyone that has made an effort of any kind in Kentucky toward the repeal of Cannabis prohibition!  We all basically want the same thing – our patients to be taken care of and the freedom to possess, grow and consume a plant that our Creator blessed us with!

God Bless!


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Kentucky Veterans Survey Reschedule Cannabis



Kentucky Veterans Survey

Reschedule Cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II

Please print your name if you believe veterans should have access to cannabis/marijuana with their doctor’s approval

Print Name

License type



U.S. War Veterans Gain Medical Marijuana: Best News for Vets Since WWII

Dr. Phillip Leveque


The U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally woke up to smell the coffee…

(MOLALLA, Ore.) – I have been yearning for this title in for about 11 years, since Oregon legalized Medical Marijuana in 1999. Many of my first patients, of 5000, were veterans who discovered in Viet Nam that Marijuana was very effective therapy for BATTLE TERRORS, formerly called BATTLE FATIGUE or SHELL SHOCK which it isn’t. They also found it excellent therapy for PTSD and NIGHT TERRORS long after coming home.

There are at least 1,000,000 American War Veteran PTSD Victims and probably as many non-veterans of rape, child abuse, “burned-out” nurses, EMTs, trauma surgeons, et cetera. There is a long list of such victims.

The U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally woke up to smell the coffee or the aroma of Cannabis after hearing from hundreds of thousands of Vets telling their Doctors and mental health Nurse Practitioners that Cannabis/Marijuana (C/MJ) really WAS excellent treatment for PTSD and literally all psychological and/or physical wounds. C/MJ is excellent for pain of the body and the soul with an added effect of mood stimulation called euphoria.

C/MJ is better and safer than ANY kind of Morphine-like drug. The addiction liability of C/MJ is miniscule compared to the Opiates.

The U.S. V.A. follows not only its own War Veterans but also those of Canada, Israel, Netherlands, Spain and certainly other countries.

The Anti-depressant drugs of many classes have been forced upon PTSD Veterans et cetera for many years. The record of these drugs is deplorable with fake sugar pills often working better. The adverse side effects of the drugs are more dangerous than any other drugs except Morphine-like drugs such as Oxycontin, a real killer. Now they can use something which really works!

C/MJ works WITH many classes of drugs and because it has a totally different mechanism of action it works with and frequently totally supplants many drugs.

At this time only New Mexico allows Medical Marijuana for PTSD although California is miles ahead with C/MJ permits for ANY condition which it helps, which is almost anything except dandruff and athlete’s foot.


Tell the DEA to Lift the Veterans Affairs’ Ban on Medical Marijuana | Criminal Justice |


Tell the DEA to Lift the Veterans Affairs’ Ban on Medical Marijuana | Criminal Justice |





Touring the grounds of the Department of Veterans Affairs last October, Michelle Obama spoke with an air of reverence, saying that the nation’s veterans’ deserve "our unwavering support." It seems "so simple," she continued. "They deserve the care that they were promised, and they deserve the benefits that they earned."

That may be the case, but inside her husband’s administration, politics evidently trump the desire to provide U.S. veterans with the full spectrum of available care. The Drug Enforcement Agency is currently preventing the VA’s doctors from recommending medical marijuana to their patients — even in the 14 states where medical marijuana is legal. Any doctor who feels duty-bound to communicate the drugs’ benefits to former soldiers risks civil and criminal penalties, as well as a lost license.

Among all of the uses for medical marijuana — relief from nausea for people with cancer and HIV/AIDS and severe pain — its benefits for victims of post-traumatic stress disorder are among the best-studied and documented out there. The need, too, is overwhelming: According to 2008 figures, some 20% of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer the disorder, yet less than 10% of veterans with PTSD ever receive full treatment. Meanwhile as Marjorie Childress writes, veteran suicides have "skyrocketed;" since 2001, more veterans have committed suicide than have died in the combined combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

For veterans like Charlie, who was deployed in Afghanistan before being discharged in 2006 — and suffers from PTSD, as well as traumatic brain and back injuries and gastrointestinal problems — nothing has helped his pain so much as marijuana. While the VA had tried giving him six different antidepressants, lorazepam for his anxiety, two sleeping aids, a trio of medicines for stomach problems and Topomax and amyltriptomine for his migraines, it was marijuana, he says, that ultimately brought him relief. Unlike other medications, it didn’t reduce him to a "zombie," it didn’t make him feel constantly jittery or drunk, and it didn’t cause him to throw up.

Not surprisingly, in New Mexico — where medical marijuana is legal — the largest group of patients enrolled in the program are veterans. But for the many veterans who rely exclusively on the VA for their healthcare, the program remains off-limits.

Tell President Obama and Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to stop allowing the DEA to discourage former soldiers from receiving full treatment for combat injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. Last week, over 9,000 members helped change CBS’s mind on a marijuana legalization ad. Let’s see if we can rally the same force here for U.S. veterans.

As Martin H. Chilcutt, veteran and founder of Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access, puts it, "Why would any level of government want to deny veterans the same opportunities as everyone else?"