‘Evil Calling’..

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A hidden beauty

Round a campfire woods somewhere north of City way.. children round eyed of all ages came to have a say.. bout the origin of the werewolf.. vampire.. and ghoul.. take a look around good children.. life is but a school..

Still.. in each story glory shines in feel so good.. evil cannot enter until asked..

it’s understood..

Each heart beats a rhythm listened or denied.. each part of the folklore tells of reason folks had cried..

When a thought is caught in social closure from the past.. confusion out of time.. as new times are coming fast..

This is where the demon lurks.. he works all hours done.. looking for a child lost so.. searching light of sun..

Plague killed .. destroyed.. seems at will.. each life it came to touch.. react.. action took it all.. folks ran naked and such..

Followed wolves in hunger.. followed packs in thirst.. scraps from wolves…

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