I am taking this petition to the top!  It has now been listed on “We the People” petitions to the Whitehouse at Whitehouse.gov. Please follow thru and sign the FEDERAL Petition which I have posted today. I am still supporting this Initiative as the right way to proceed with REPEAL of prohibition! Anything less and … Continue reading (FEDERAL PETITION) KENTUCKY CANNABIS HEMP HEALTH INITIATIVE (KCHHI)

Information on “KCHHI”–Kentucky Hemp Health Initiative

    LINK TO KCHHI :   Some background on the “KCHHI” Petition. It was re-written by Mary Thomas-Spears and modeled after the CALIFORNIA HEMP HEALTH INITIATIVE (shown below) which was started in 2012. It is important because it represents “REPEAL” of “PROHIBITION” at the State, Federal and Local levels of Government in the United … Continue reading Information on “KCHHI”–Kentucky Hemp Health Initiative

The US Department of Justice has called for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Twitter, in which the social network alleges its First Amendment rights are violated when the government forbids it to reveal national security requests for user data.

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I can’t believe that’s the best argument they have but you gotta start somewhere.

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        THE PETITION IS LOCATED HERE: (DIRECT LINK) http://www.petition2congress.com/9641/kentucky-cannabis-hemp-health-initiative-2013-2014/     It is my opinion that this is the Initiative we should be getting as many signatures on as possible so that we, as a group, can go to Sen. McConnells office at an opportune time and present it to him. At the … Continue reading O.K. EVERYONE THIS IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER THAT WE NEED SIGNATURES ON KCHHI !!

Kentucky Cannabis Hemp Health Initiative

Kentucky Cannabis Hemp Health Initiative 2013-2014-2015         Framework taken from the Jack Herer Initiative aka CCHI1013. An initiative I had the honor of having a personal hand helping to word, redefining the cannabis/marijuana/hemp movement through selective wording. While attempting to protect and free the plant, the farmers, the prisoners, and the people … Continue reading Kentucky Cannabis Hemp Health Initiative

How To Stop Chikungunya


The mosquito-borne disease chikungunya infected more than one million people in 2014 (including actress Lindsay Lohan), and is continuing to spread across the globe. But a new study from scientists at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) suggests a strategy for squashing the disease.

Eradicating mosquito-borne diseases is notoriously tricky. Countries around the world are home to the same types of mosquitos, which means that if someone is bitten and infected with a disease while on vacation, they might return home and be bitten by native mosquitos. Those mosquitos may mate or bite someone else, spreading the disease. That’s how chikungunya, which causes debilitating joint pain, appears to have hopped around the globe in recent years.

MORE: Chikungunya: 1 Million People Have a Disease You’ve Never Heard Of

In their new study, the researchers looked specifically at the spread of chikungunya in Panama. They observe that it started in…

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Freed After 19 Years in Prison for Killing Her Pimp, Woman Tells Story: SARA KRUZAN


Check out “She Shot Her Pimp” on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/116250361 #Vimeo #humanrightswatch #hrw #georgehoward #juvenilejustice #murder

Freed After 19 Years in Prison for Killing Her Pimp, Woman Tells Story

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At age 17, Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison for the 1994 fatal shooting of her pimp George Howard. Upon her release in late 2013, CBS News wrote:
“Kruzan’s case became a high-profile example used by state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, who sought to ease life sentences for juveniles.
“‘It is justice long overdue,’ Yee told the Los Angeles Times. He called Kruzan’s case the ‘perfect example of adults who failed her, of society failing her. You had a predator who stalked her, raped her, forced her into prostitution, and there was no one around.’”
Now, in a Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JIIE.org) video, Kruzan…

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Ohio to Run Out of Lethal Injection Drugs in April


Ohio is set to run out of lethal injection drugs by April 1, putting future executions in jeopardy until the state can obtain new supplies.

The state’s supply of midazolam—a sedative that is used to put death row inmates to sleep— will expire this spring, the Associated Pressreports, and current policy requires both midazolam and hydromorphone, a painkiller, to be used in state executions.

Ohio currently has one execution scheduled in February and another in March. If Ohio is unable to obtain a new supply of midazolam, it could force a stay of execution for Gregory Lott in May, an inmate whose execution has been delayed twice since a “botched” execution last January threw the state’s lethal injection protocols into question.

(MORE:Ohio Ups Lethal-Injection Dosages After Controversial Execution)

Ohio used midazolam for the first time last January in the lethal injection of Dennis McGuire after previously…

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A powerful new super antibiotic may be right under our feet


A group of scientists and researchers has found a powerful antibiotic in the fields of Maine. It’s called teixobactin, and its implications for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant diseases are huge.

The antibiotic, which was extracted from a dirt sample, is unlike many antibiotics on the market today. It works by attacking the building blocks of a bacteria’s cell wall, making it difficult for the bacteria to evolve resistance.

The process of extracting teixobactin from the ground could open up a range of new treatment compounds that could fight superbugs such as staph, or tuberculosis infections, and even cancer, scientists say.

“Uncultured bacteria make up approximately 99% of all species in external environments, and are an untapped source of new antibiotics,” the researchers wrote in the journal Nature.

Now that scientists have developed a method for isolating and growing that uncultured bacteria, they’ve been able to develop several new ways…

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Why One Company Invested $30 Million to Grow a Vegan Egg


A group of Silicon Valley investors, scientists and chefs are close to debuting a plant-based egg. Omelet-maker extraordinaire Emily Kaiser Thelin investigates.

When I first met my husband, Josh, at a July 4th potluck barbecue in 2009, I had a strict rule against dating vegetarians—too much time spent defending my carnivorous ways. So I was crestfallen when the dashing stranger with whom I had been getting on so well suddenly plopped a veggie dog on the grill. I sighed and pulled out my bone-in rib eye. But as that steak cooked, with smoke swirling and fat spattering, Josh never flinched. When I carved into the medium-rare meat, he even asked how it tasted.

He explained that he’d never renounced meat—he’d just never eaten it. Ever. Since before he was born, his parents have eschewed meat and eggs. His father, Jay Thelin, cofounded the Psychedelic Shop on Haight Street in…

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