Someone who needs help fast….



Steve Tuck

If anybody here knows a lawyer here in KY whom believes in medical cannabis please let me know as mine doesn’t seem to realize how serious this situation is, my MD was friends with Gatewood and told me to find out if anybody took his practice over but I was told no …I’ve been a medical cannabis patient since 80’s due to an accident in the military and got my first rec from a MD at Walter Reed as my body doesn’t react well to other drugs and have scripts from dozens of MD’s in several states…long story short is my Dad had a stroke and I hadn’t been home to KY in years and while here my nephew passed away as well so it’s been a very emotional time for me. I got caught in a weird deal with a few grams of cannabis and am willing to pay whatever fine I need to in order to be allowed to return to Cali and my MD’s, but they are wanting me to do a week or so in jail and without my morphine and other meds I’ve been on for 20+ years and last time they were taken away I almost died and am scared it’s going to happen again and can’t believe they are willing to kill me over a few joints that I only use for myself to stay alive? Sorry for bothering y’all with this but thought somebody here might have an idea???!/herbdoc215

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