Kentucky Fried Bible Reading: Is Interracial Marriage Immoral?



Of course interracial marriage – or, for that matter, interracial anything – isn’t immoral.

Once again, what gets conservative Christians all worked up turns out to be quite wrong and just plain bizarre.

In the case of the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church in Kentucky, and its banning of interracial couples from membership and from participating in certain worship activities, it’s a return to old, visceral prejudices and insular thinking.

Standing on the side-lines, the rest of us believe it’s all wrong-headed. We are right. Yet there’s great value in delving into the archaeology of these prejudices. What are their sources? How did they originate?

This Baptist congregation isn’t the first to imagine that God condemns interracial marriage. Here’s a link to the description of its history in the US.


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