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Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming of Age in the NWO

Coming of Age in the NWO
I remember the day, 9/11/2001, when our lives changed forever.
I was awoken by a phone call from a friend at about 9:05 am.
Her voice was franctic as she screamed in the phone, “We are being
attacked!”…. As I tried to wake up, she said “Just turn on the New’s”, “NOW!”
I scurried out of bed and held on to the walls to get to the Den where my
Mother was sitting in her rocking chair and as I looked at the TV I see
NYC and smoke billowing everywhere.  Chaos was breaking out all around.
My Mom, Bless her Heart, was “watching a movie”, or so she thought.
She had Alzheimer’s and was not able to catch on to what was happening
just by viewing the TV.  As I started to explain what I thought had happened,
here came the next plane….right into the Trade Center…again.  At that point
I KNEW we were under attack.
Dazed and confused, a thought came to mind.  My Father had
said right before his death in June of 2001, that “He didn’t know what else to do,
except to just leave and watch everything go to Hell”…
Now I was beginning to see what He was talking about.  I was glad He was not
here to see it, (or maybe he was).
He was a WWII Veteran. A Medic.  He had been around the World
from 1941-1945, from the Philippines to Italy, Germany and beyond. He had definitely
seen his share of War and misery in his lifetime.  A child of the Great Depression of
1929, he had lost his Mother at age 2, in 1919 to the Avian Flu.  They lived in
Stephensport, KY a small town on the Ohio River.
~The first memory that really sticks to my mind of my Father was when I
was about 5 years old.  He taught me how to “turn over a dead body”…..
“Just cross the ankles and twist, and they will turn right over”, he said.
We practiced this, playfully, on the living room floor.~
Then, my thoughts turned to what would happen in our immediate future.
O.K., I thought.  I’ve got Mom, myself, my husband (who was at work and probably did
not know about what had just happened), my two daughter’s, two grandson’s and their father
who lived with us, and my Aunt who was my Father’s sister who lived a block away.
What do I do first?
I picked up my cell phone and called my husband.  I explained what I could at the time
and told him to “get his ass home!”.  He responded and was home in a short time.
Fortunately for us, there was some cash in the house and a checkbook with funds
available.  By eleven o’clock that morning I was at “Sam’s Club” purchasing a
generator, plenty of canned and dry food supplies, water and household needs.
I brought home over a thousand dollars worth of supplies and placed them in plastic
tubs and put them in the center of the basement in a closet.  To this day, I still
have some supplies there.
By late that afternoon we were all perched in front of “FOX News” watching the
devastation that our Country had succumb to.  This went on for days, weeks and even
A lot has happened in all of our lives since that fateful day in September of 2001.
I learned, as my Father had before me, to “read between the lines”.  Don’t believe
anything you hear, and only half of what you actually see, and when a crisis happens,
analyze the situation, adapt to it and overcome the hardship.
The lessons learned from 9-11-01 have been magnificent to say the least.
The New World Order had begun to take hold.
The first thing I learned is to not trust the Government.  No matter what they say or do
for us there will always be an underlying reason for their “compassion”.
Whether it be the Patriot Act, which effectively overturned the Bill of Rights, the right to pain relief, which resulted in the death and/or addiction of many people to narcotics, including Oxycontin,  the Cannabis/Hemp conspiracy, which controls how we can legally use (or not use) the Marijuana/Hemp plant for personal, health or religious purposes, the Health Care Bill which is now in the process of being initiated which will pre-determine what care each of us will or can receive, and the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) which was originally designed by the IBM Corporation for use in Hitler’s regime during WWII and HAARP which has yet to be discovered by the common people just what it may be capable of doing to us or on our planet Earth.
These are just a few of the high profile NWO discoveries.  The NWO continues to and will continue to encompass much, much more than “we the people” will be advised of prior to the
execution of their plans.
THE TIME IS NOW! To begin the fight for our God given right to survive on this planet.

For if we wait another year, It will be to late

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