In Remembrance: December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor In Honor of my Father…










For some reason, I NEVER forget when the Seventh Day of December comes around each year.

December 7, 1941 sticks to my memory like glue.

I may not know what the date is on any other given day of the year, but I sure know when it

is December 7th.

I had not yet even been born, but my Father had been 24 years earlier and was about to

get the ultimate education of his life.

With the bombing of Pearl Harbor came not only the deaths of the thousands which lost their

lives on that fateful day in the Harbor, but the start of a war which would virtually never end

and cost many more thousands of Servicemen to lose their lives in Countries all over the world

of which many had never even heard of until they ended up in boats on the shores of those


Kenneth Eugene Hardesty, of 205 W.  Breckenridge St., Louisville, Ky was “duly” registered on

October 16, 1940.  At 5’ 4” tall and 127 pounds, I’m sure he was not the toughest guy on the “team”.

On October 10, 1941 he was inducted into the Army where he served as a PFC in the 389th Air

Service Squadron until January 2, 1946.

During his time at war, he received the following:

Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars,

Good Conduct Ribbon,

American Theater Ribbon,

Philippine Liberation and Victory Medal WWII.

Although he suffered no physical wounds during his enlistment, the memory of those  four years,

two months, and 23 days would remain with him forever until his death in 2001.

Although I remember my Father on every day of my life, THIS is the day I chose to honor him.

This is the day which made the greatest impact upon his life and those who shared his life,

including all the Servicemen and Women who stood right along beside him during those

fateful years of WWII.

THIS is a day to remember ALL Veterans of ALL of the war’s that we have been engaged in.


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