WTF Homeowners Insurance…


My baby will be so disappointed!

I have to say, I am disappointed in the homeowner’s inspection that

was done this morning on my home.

I have a 5 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 kitchen house in Louisville.

The “agent” came out to inspect for a new homeowner’s policy on the property.

I have known this man for many years as my father always did business with him.

It is a “State Farm” company, and I can honestly say I’ve never had any trouble

in my dealings with them….but then again, I’ve never had a claim either.

So, “Jack” comes to the door, I invite him in, I’m actually glad to see him.

He proceeds thru the house to “inspect”.  (He was afraid of my Lab/Sheppard Dog

– so I put him up) – buts that fairly normal…..

Then we make it out of the house to the exterior and the yard.

All goes well with the exception that I have to clean the furnace room up!

We walk around to the back of the shed and he spots the “playhouse”

that my son and grandboys had built out of a large old tree in the backyard.

I have to say that the playhouse is a very sturdy and well built playhouse,

even though it looks like it needs some remodeling, lol.

That’s when it happened.

“Jack” looks at me and says “now that’s a problem”.  “I cannot insure the house with

that there”

He said “I can tell that it was built”, and I said “yes, my grand-kids and son built that

and they love it”.

He said, “well, I can tell you right now I can’t insure the house with that

structure on the property.”

I said laughingly, “I don’t need that insured”….He says “I have to insure the

whole property and I said o.k.,insure it for $10.00…..

and then he continued on to say that he cannot exclude

any buildings on the property and because it does not meet code

I cannot insure the property until it is removed”.

My response was, ” so your telling me that because my son and grandkids built this with there own hands it is uninsurable,

but if I had gone to Walmart and bought one, brought it home and sat it there it would not hinder the insurance….”

“Yes” he said.

So goes the world, right thru the f/g door of Walmart…..

It is a sad day in HELL when a child can no longer use his own hands and ideas to build a playhouse,

but must settle for a prefab from the local Walmart or any other entity that may sell “playhouses”.

I am so mad right now I could spit nails….straight thru the incorporated conglomerates that has ruined

this world – and our kids imaginations.

Now I have to tell my Grandsons that they have to tear down something they were so proud of…

And I, myself have been known to sit in that playhouse on occasion.

I’m losing my “solace” (lol) to a god damn corporate agenda that insists that I put a stupid looking plastic

box in my yard for my grand kids to call a “playhouse”……

What is wrong with this world?   In one word – Corporations….



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