Ohio Patients Are Running Out of Patience Rally                                    

Hosted by Miami Valley NORML /

When- November 13, 2010

Time- High Noon- 4:20 PM

Location: Courthouse Square, located at the corner of Third and Mainstreets in the heart of downtown Dayton

Please join Leaders from all over the state – In Support of HB478The Ohio Medical Compassion Act – Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Bill

As we stand up for our rights.

As we stand up to be heard by our lawmakers.

As we stand up for those who cannot.

As we stand up for our medicine.

Local Keynote Speakers

    Charles M. Rowland II Charles is a former Ohio Prosecutor and a member of Law Enforcement AgainstProhibition – A criminal defense attorney who is against this drug war for info-

    Tonya Davis-A medical cannabis Patient, Medical Marijuana Director with Ohio NORML & Miami ValleyNORML and local Human Rights Activist trying to bring common sense to marijuana drug policy. Tonya hasbeen involved with the current House Bill 478 and former Senate Bill’s 343 and 74 and will let you know howthe program would work if it makes it into law and be available to answer questions. 1888-588-2843- more info or

    Jenna VanHouten – A Young Couples fight – Dayton Drug War Victims (Bring your Kleenex) their lives havechanged forever over 3 or 4 marijuana plants to treat serious health conditions and the behavior by police waseven worse than the crime committed

Luke McKellar -Libertarian Party of Ohio’s Central Committee Chair, and candidate for Beavercreek CityCouncil in 2007.

Mark Babb – Local Criminal defense attorney who specializes in  Marijuana cases.

Dawn Dunlap- President of Central Ohio NORML, Patient and amazing speaker with a powerful story. Dawn also was involved with HB478.

Cindy Wimer WV AAMC State Director… Patient and powerful speaker and Activist.

Niki Wilkerson Dayton Ohio’s TV Host of the NIki Wilkerson show.

Robert Ryan Is involved with LEAP.. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition … Treasurer of Miami Valley NORML- Chapter coordinator with Ohio NORML

State Rep Bob Hagen (D) Youngstown Co Sponsor of our current HB478 The Ohio Medical CompassionAct… says he might pay us a visit. Representative Hagan Introduced former Senate Bill 74 and has announcedhe will be one of the Sponsors for 2011’s The Ohio Medical Compassion Act.

Hospice Patient Rodney Peters. Was deigned  and kicked out of a pain management  program because he tested positive for marijuana.

Doc Miller… Radio host and medical cannabis patient

       Many more speakers from all walks of lives…

Classic Rock  performed  by Thin Blood from New Richmond, Ohio

Hip Hop- Organic Bandits from Wilmington,Ohio

Acoustic- by Zebulon of Babylon from Wilmington, OhioUlrich Van Cru

Bluegrass performed by Blue Moon Soup from Yellow Springs, Ohio

Music made possible because of these folks: Hemprock Productions- Paul Riley – Crazy Leg ProductionsThis event is being held on behalf of Ohio Patient Network, a 501 C3 non-profit organization. Donationsare tax deductable.

Tonya Davis


“Judge others on your interactions with them not by stories being told”. Or just ask them.
“I believe” in the power
of love ” I believe” In the impossible.. because …love and faith
will make All possible..believe the change u seek. I know no
malice, no contempt, I AM one with God and my fellowman. So it shall


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