Prop 19 Fails to Legalize Marijuana Use In California





Proposition 19 was one of the most talked about and anticipated issued on the ballot in California last week. The amount of support for the bill was astounding according to political analysts; unfortunately despite all the support the bill failed to pass. The reasons for the bill failing were initially unknown; although it eventually became clear that the bill simply failed due to a lack of support for a large portion of voters.

Despite the fact that the legalization of recreational use of marijuana failed, marijuana supporters still believe this election was a major step in the right direction. In the past there has never been such a huge push towards legalization; so clearly supporters are making progress. The amount of funds available in support of the bill was also astounding, donors poured millions of dollars into the bill in hopes that it would help spread the word. At this point marijuana supporters say they are already preparing to push the bill once again in 2012; with the hope that it may finally pass.

Many supports believe the federal government is to blame for the bill failing; and they are partly correct. A large portion of funding went to fight the federal government because under current law marijuana is prohibited nationally. Technically unless the federal law is changed marijuana use will still be a federal crime; although California has already shown that state legalization can be accomplished in some cases.

Those against marijuana use also believe that this election was a step in the right direction for legalization; the results of the election speak strongly that in general the American population is avidly opposed to legalizing marijuana. Until at least 2012 marijuana will still be illegal, even in California.

Published on 07 November 2010. | Written by J Cox


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