U.S. War Veterans Gain Medical Marijuana: Best News for Vets Since WWII

Dr. Phillip Leveque Salem-News.com


The U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally woke up to smell the coffee…



(MOLALLA, Ore.) – I have been yearning for this title in Salem-News.com for about 11 years, since Oregon legalized Medical Marijuana in 1999. Many of my first patients, of 5000, were veterans who discovered in Viet Nam that Marijuana was very effective therapy for BATTLE TERRORS, formerly called BATTLE FATIGUE or SHELL SHOCK which it isn’t. They also found it excellent therapy for PTSD and NIGHT TERRORS long after coming home.

There are at least 1,000,000 American War Veteran PTSD Victims and probably as many non-veterans of rape, child abuse, “burned-out” nurses, EMTs, trauma surgeons, et cetera. There is a long list of such victims.

The U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally woke up to smell the coffee or the aroma of Cannabis after hearing from hundreds of thousands of Vets telling their Doctors and mental health Nurse Practitioners that Cannabis/Marijuana (C/MJ) really WAS excellent treatment for PTSD and literally all psychological and/or physical wounds. C/MJ is excellent for pain of the body and the soul with an added effect of mood stimulation called euphoria.

C/MJ is better and safer than ANY kind of Morphine-like drug. The addiction liability of C/MJ is miniscule compared to the Opiates.

The U.S. V.A. follows not only its own War Veterans but also those of Canada, Israel, Netherlands, Spain and certainly other countries.

The Anti-depressant drugs of many classes have been forced upon PTSD Veterans et cetera for many years. The record of these drugs is deplorable with fake sugar pills often working better. The adverse side effects of the drugs are more dangerous than any other drugs except Morphine-like drugs such as Oxycontin, a real killer. Now they can use something which really works!

C/MJ works WITH many classes of drugs and because it has a totally different mechanism of action it works with and frequently totally supplants many drugs.

At this time only New Mexico allows Medical Marijuana for PTSD although California is miles ahead with C/MJ permits for ANY condition which it helps, which is almost anything except dandruff and athlete’s foot.


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