please tell me this isnt true…

I am listening to a WHAS11 video with Jackie Green which said the following…

The Sierra club has switched their allegiance with Jackie Green for Louisville
Independent Mayoral Candidate to “SOMEONE ELSE” whose name was not
mentioned in the interview. The reason being stated as: “….because they
thought that you (Jackie Green) did not have a good chance of winning…”

If this is true it is appalling that the Sierra Club would do such a thing. That is
why that the country is in the shape that it is because everyone that is “anyone”
always sells out to the highest bidding candidate. Therefore there is no chance
of changing anything because the same “people” keep circulating the political

It would be my hope that you would reconsider this decision and stand behind
the opposite of the status quo…..someone that really IS a change.

Thank You,


Sheree Krider


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