Three marijuana plants found in Floyd’s Knobs IN – You got to be kidding….


Police ask hunters to report any marijuana found

By MATT THACKER Thu Sep 23, 2010, 02:09 AM EDT

FLOYD COUNTY — The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and Indiana Conservation Officers cut down three marijuana plants Wednesday in the woods behind the 4400 block of Old Vincennes Road in Floyds Knobs.
Capt. Jeff Topping said they found three plants, about 5 feet tall and fully mature.
Chief Ted Heavrin estimated the plants were worth at least $1,500 each.
“From what we have seen this summer with the heat and dry weather, that was some of the better marijuana I’ve seen this season,” Conservation Officer Gary Pennington said.
Topping said officers were acting on a tip from someone hunting ginseng who came across the plants. He said police talked to the property owners and neighbors, and it remains under investigation who was growing the plants.
Topping said it was apparent that someone had already harvested more plants in that area. Pennington said he has found marijuana plants in three locations in two days. The first two were Tuesday in Harrison County.
As more people go into the woods during the fall season, the number of marijuana plants reported to authorities will increase, Pennington said.
Squirrel hunting is in season and youth deer hunting season begins Saturday. Police are asking everyone to be observant and report any marijuana plants they may see.
Contact the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department at 812-948-5407 or the local police department to report any marijuana in the area.

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