Reader Letters | Marijuana miracles?


The following is an excellent LTE to the CJ&T (Courier Journal & Times), in Louisville, Kentucky:

Dr. Andrew Weil has an excellent article published on Huffington Post titled “Cannabis Rx: Cutting through the misinformation.” The article discusses the criminalization of cannabis to suppress the hemp trade and how cannabis extracts were widely used in medicine prior to 1937. Weil highlights the numerous medical uses of cannabis that our state and federal governments refuse to accept.

The most exciting part of the article is the promise that cannabis shows in curing cancer. Weil discusses recent research that demonstrates cannabis components kill cancer cells while not harming healthy cells. He also recommends a new documentary, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer,” by Len Richmond. Weil suggests that our political leaders should watch this documentary and then act quickly to change our counterproductive cannabis policies.

I’ve written the editorial board numerous times since Dr. Donald Tashkin’s 2005 marijuana and respiratory cancers study that showed marijuana use lowered cancer risks that you didn’t publish. Several studies since then have confirmed Tashkin’s cancer findings and others that debunk the gateway drug theory, prove marijuana is effective in pain management, etc., that you don’t print. Why?

The truth is the “gateway drug” is actually the gateway back from opiate and alcohol addiction. The likely truth is that cannabis holds the key to curing cancer. It’s highly probable that, with a change in thinking, we could develop significant cannabis-based cancer treatments right here in Kentucky. That change in thinking will only happen when you inform the public of the truth.


Prospect, Ky. 40059

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