Tea Partiers aren’t alone: 11 Political Parties You’ve Never Heard Of

The U.S. Marijuana Party!

The Tea Party groups are at it again, this time rallying by a middle of nowhere Arizona-Mexico border in order to support of Arizona’s immigration law. Seems like these guys can’t stay out of the news . They just keep nominating people for Congress, and experts think that they might actually win some races. Is this the start of a new political party? Well third parties tend to come and go, you just never hear about them. Here’s our list of political parties you’ve never heard of.

  1. Students Rights Party – This party believes that lowering the voting age is a smart idea. Their philosophy 25% of the U.S. population is under 18, so why should they not get a voice in government.
  2. U.S. Marijuana Party
  3. usmjparty-logo

As you have probably guessed, this party wants to legalize the use and sale of marijuana. The party was started in 2002.

U.S. Marijuana Party on Wikipedia

  1. U.S. Pacifist Party – The main belief of this third party is to reach a military budget of zero. This is similar to the Costa Rican system of virtually no army.
  2. Pansexual Peace Party – The PPP believes that peace is achievable through the glorification of creativity, freedom and sex. They are a small group of strongly opinionated men and woman.
  3. American Third Position Party – This party was founded in 2010 on the basis of white nationalism. They have very strong views on labor laws and policy.
  4. Reform Party – What do you do when no one wants you? Form your own party! Billionaire Ross Perot founded this party so that he could run for President of the United States in 1996.
  5. The Personal Choice Party – This party is founded on the philosophy, “live and let live.” They believe that as long as you are not harming anybody else, you the right to do what ever you want with your money, time and honor.
  6. Youth International Party – The goal of this party is to make America an anarchist state and to cause as much chaos as possible. They try to get as much media attention as possible by doing things like starting a riot in grand central station or nomination a pig for president. Abbie Hoffman founded the party in 1968.
  7. Libertarian National Socialist Green Party – This is a modern Nazi party that is the very opposite of the Nazi party. They believe in anti-discrimination, equal rights and cleaning up the environment.
  8. The Guns and Dope Party – This party was formed in the hope that gun and dope enthusiasts would band together to execute a “tsarist takeover”. Their motto is, “Like what you like, enjoy what you enjoy, don’t be afraid to make slurping sounds, and don’t take crap from anybody.”
  9. Party X – This party is not actually a political party at all, they, “Stand by American interest and the American people.” They are against almost everything about modern government but have no real agenda about how to fix these “Problems.”

The Boston Tea Party started like these parties. It was formed after breaking off from the libertarian party in 2006. They are one of the more radical versions of the tea party groups in the news. They believe in relentless shrinking of government at all levels. As time passes, will the Tea Party shrink too?

What can you do?

The legacy of the tea partiers is up to you. Primary elections are just around the corner, so register your neighborhood for the upcoming elections.

The U.S. Marijuana Party!

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