Jackie Green
Jackie Green

Louisville’s Independent Choice

Jackie Green – Independent Mayoral Candidate, neither Democrat nor Republican
Louisville is not choosing a Democrat or a Republican mayor. Louisville is choosing a mayor with the best vision for meeting tomorrow’s challenges. We can plan for the coming changes or be overtaken by them. Yesterday’s vision will not meet tomorrow’s challenge. Louisville needs visionary leadership with a plan.

Installing solar in Louisville

Louisville will meet the challenges of the twenty-first century by:

  • correcting the basics of our local economy
  • developing a low energy, a clean energy, diverse, strong economy
  • supporting existing neighborhoods rather than unsustainable development (Louisville Loop – 21st Century Parks)
  • protecting our local food economy by protecting local farms and fields
  • distributing affordable housing throughout the county resulting in every school being diverse
  • investing in the education of our children, not in a fleet of school buses
  • making our streets safe enough to walk and bicycle
    Jackie, Julius Johnson & Doug Simpson discuss dif-
    ficulties brought on by recent TARC route cutbacks
  • giving school assignment preferences to students who will walk and/or bicycle to school
  • reducing public infrastructure subsidies for unsustainable development
  • investing in the liveability of our existing neighborhoods
  • developing a world class public transit system that serves all of Louisville’s citizens before building any new Ohio River bridge that serves those who want to avoid Louisville
    (Ohio River Bridges Project) (Tolls)
  • linking Louisville to Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St Louis and Nashville by passenger rail
  • participating in the nation’s high speed rail project
  • reducing our local economy’s huge fuel dependency (Cheap, plentiful fuel)
    Portland, Oregon Streetcar
  • improving quality, affordable housing within our neighborhoods
  • improving energy efficiencies in architecture
  • building solar panels locally
  • installing solar panels on a large scale locally
  • reducing mobile source pollution of air and water. (See two day Air Quality Forecast below.)
  • reducing impermeable surfaces
  • increasing urban gardening/agriculture
  • supporting and diversifying regional agriculture
  • leading state government to change law and funding mechanisms supportive of this agenda
  • backing up our unequivocal message to Frankfort with unwavering commitment within Metro government

Jackie Green is the only candidate that has embraced a bold, cohesive strategy
to improve Louisville’s land use, health, education, transportation, environment, and economy.
If Seattle can, why can’t Louisville?

Paid for by:  Campaign Fund for Jackie Green


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