Gatewood &Riley 2011


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The planning, preparation and anticipation had been building
for months. The event that kicks off the campaign season in Kentucky
was nearing. Then on the first weekend of August it hit, Fancy Farm.

year at Fancy Farm, the Gatewood/Riley 2011 campaign was ready.
T-shirts had been made, books ordered and the tent set up in the best spot right outside the pavilion where the stage was set for speakers. The campaign couldn’t be missed.

and Dea arrived into the area on Friday night in time for the
Democratic Bean Soup Diner where they were received better than the
incumbent governor. Gatewood talked to just about everyone who entered as Dea made her rounds inside. After soup was served, Gatewood and Dea made their way over to Fancy Farm.

Saturday morning, Gatewood and Dea headed over to the Republican Breakfast to talk with individuals and pass out literature. After meeting some wonderful people, they were off to the Democratic Breakfast. There was more pleasantries, hand shaking and food. Walking out the door on the way back to Fancy Farm, Gatewood and Dea ran into ex UK coach Joe B. Hall, who was just arriving.

candidates rolled into Fancy Farm in the late morning and went right to
the tent. Immediately supporters came up to receive free autographed
copies of Gatewood’s book and meet their next governor and lieutenant
governor. Many compliments where given and pictures taken. Everyone
loved Gatewood’s quip about meeting John Calipari and telling him that
he understands why Calipari would like Beshear, after all Beshear is a
one and done.

political theater going on before us was very entertaining, however
there was barley a second when the candidates were not engaged in
conversation with supporters o
r reporters. All who approached where inquisitive and supportive.

top off the event was the barbecue. Excellent mutton, pulled pork and
chicken was served with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and
deserts. Servers were walking around refilling glasses of lemonade and

Fancy Farm 2010 was a big success for the Gatewood/Riley
campaign. Next year the campaign will make an even bigger impression as
Gatewood and Dea will have their time on the stage.

Look for Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley at next years Fancy Farm, and through out the year at events statewide.

For more information on Gatwood Galbraith, Dea Riley or the Gatewood/Riley campaign visit

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Dan Frey


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