Black farmers call on Senate and White House for promised funding

Black farmers are questioning why there is a new aid package while they haven’t gotten their settlement money

By Ivana Cheong

Black farmers are once again calling out to the U.S. administration, since they have yet to receive the funding that they have been promised.

According to Reuters, the farmers won a monumental $1.25 billion civil rights settlement for being left out of federal farm loan and assistance program for decades due to racial discrimination. Even with backing from Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who is the Chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee, and Obama’s team, the Senate has failed seven times to find funding. maysville ky

Sen. Lincoln said on Aug. 5 that this settlement was “long overdue” and that “[w]e simply cannot afford to delay this process any further,” according a press release from the National Black Farmers Association.

The farmers are now questioning what is going on, as the administration offered $1.5 billion to farmers in Arkansas and around the country who have been affected by natural disasters.

“It sends the wrong signal for the Obama administration to help one group of farmers and then leave the other group of farmers out,” president of the Association John Boyd told Reuters.

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