Fw: Gatewood & Riley 2011

Gatewood & Riley 2011

Sent: Monday, August 02, 2010 1:40 AM
Subject: Gatewood & Riley 2011

Dear Friends
and Supporters

It’s been a HOT Summer!  

We’d like to extend
a special Thank You to Kentucky’s Shriners for all their hard work
on behalf of the children of Kentucky.  
A special mention to
Kentucky’s Water Ways Alliance for inviting us to participate in the
recent Clean the Green River Fest.  

Be sure to
make your contribution online at http://www.gatewood.com/site/?Donate


Be sure to
check out the Gatewood & Riley 2011 Blog – http://gatewood4governor.blogspot.com/

Calling on all supporters to submit your endorsement.  In 100
words or less please tell why you’re supporting the Gatewood & Riley 2011
ticket.  Your endorsement will be displayed on our website.  We look
forward to hearing what you have to say.   Send your submittals to dan@gatewood.com

*Be sure to tune
in each Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. and listen live to Gatewood
Galbraith on the ZRock 103 Morning Show –  streamed live at http://www.zrock103.com/

*Dea Riley interviewed on WMST by Tom and Judy Byron
in the mornings on July 19th – click on this link to listen to a copy of the
interview.  http://www.wmstradio.com/?page=shows&show=midmornings
 – scroll to the July 19th show.  Tom and Judy are one of Kentucky’s
best duos and you’ll enjoy every word.  

*Gatewood Galbraith speaking at Shrine Fest in
Lexington – July 24
PART 1.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaJI6mcs6pc&feature=player_embedded
PART 2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6w6HquLBR4

Kentucky Hemp Initiative

The Kentucky
Hemp Initiative
– dedicated to reviewing the facts associated with restoring
Hemp production to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We will embark upon
researching, analysis and further present a report to definitively determine the
potential impact of Hemp production in Kentucky.  Our effort is
specifically designed to 1.  Determine the potential economic benefits vs.
cons  2.  Establish a group of experts who represent all categories
affected by such an initiative and solicit community input to be included in a
published report 3.  Establish an open dialog with Kentucky citizens
 4.  Take necessary action to enact a legitimate Hemp program based on
the report suggestions.
If you’re interested in participating be sure to
contact Dea Riley directly.  
Join The Kentucky Hemp Initiative
Facebook Group by clicking here:

The Gatewood and Riley Blog Radio
Live Feed – Be sure to stay tuned to our website at http://www.gatewood.com for more


August 6th – 8thFancy Farm – Be sure to see
Gatewood and Dea at Fancy Farm.  Join our volunteers call

August 14th– 4:00 pm Friends of Stoner Creek Pic
Nic – Paris Kentucky

August 19th
– 6:00 pm – Louisville Volunteer Party – Expression of You – Café and

August 20th – 7:00 Tin Roof
Fundraiser – look for your invitation coming soon…….

Thank you for your continued

Gatewood Galbraith
Dea Riley

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