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Marijuana Cures CANCER

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Welcome to

Who Are We

We are a small group of believers and activists who would like to do our part to save lives.

We endorse the use of High Quality Natural Cannabis Oil (made up of THC and other Cannabinoids) or "Rick Simpson Hemp Oil"  through topical and oral methods in high concentrations to heal cancer patients and help eliminate tumors, and other ailments. There are many other healing properties of the Cannabis Oil but our main focus here is cancer and the Cannabis Cure. Take note we are not endorsing smoking marijuana, as we believe this is not a healthy activity but it may be helpful in some cases. You can smoke marijuana consistently but you will not gain any healing effects’ other then temporary gains and possible lung trouble. The key here is highly concentrated THC ingestion and topical use.

Our Purpose

This sites purpose is to provide a wealth of information such as articles, medical studies, testimonials, and videos mostly regarding Marijuana, Cannabis, THC, Cancer, etc. We would like to show the world how this amazing plant is saving people.

We feel it is our duty to get the word out to as many people because there are forces who want to suppress this information.

The information you find here may be hard to believe at first. We encourage you to read as much as possible and perform your own research. Be careful not to take note of negative articles and research which pertain to smoking marijuana as the benefits are gained through ingestion, injection, or topical application not inhalation.

We ask the more savvy individuals to browse through our collection of Medical Studies which we believe is "The Actual Proof" and distribute the links to as many doctors and medical professionals as you can.

Please visit the various links contained within this site. Show your support for Rick Simpson, Dr Robert Melamede and his work, and all people in need by distributing this information to everyone you know!

Obtaining Your Own Oil

To obtain high quality Cannabis THC Oil or Rick Simpson Hemp Oil in your Medical Marijuana friendly state click on the Find Oil link and we will make you an appointment with a resource that we have certified in your state. Valid medical marijuana license and/or paperwork sometimes required. If you do not have a license please contact us and we will be happy to help you obtain one.


There are instructions on how to make your own on at but we do not recommend it if you are not experienced in doing so. If you cannot safely, quickly, or easily obtain High Quality all organic Cannabis Indica Flowers (or buds), or if you don’t feel safe boiling volatile and explosive material then we ask you to please contact us to find you a certified oil resource. We can also help with financial assistance.

Soon to Come

A donations method so that we can offer financial assistance for people to obtain the medication. This method will be setup in a way for people to donate to specific patients. People would also have the ability to read the blogs of the actual patients helping people choose who they would like to donate to.

If you know of any good articles, videos, or would like to be added as a Cannabis Oil resource please contact us through the contact us form.

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