FW: Free Speech Rights Are for People, Not Corporations

 Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:15:04 -0500
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Subject: Free Speech Rights Are for People, Not Corporations

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Campaign Launched to Amend Constitution, Overturning Today’s Supreme Court Decision

Free Speech Rights Are For People, Not Corporations



A coalition of public interest organizations strongly condemned today’s ruling by the US Supreme Court allowing unlimited corporate money in US elections and announced that it is launching a campaign to amend the United States Constitution to overturn the ruling.  The groups, Voter Action, Public Citizen, the Center for Corporate Policy, and the American Independent Business Alliance, say the Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC poses a serious and direct threat to democracy.  They aim, through their constitutional amendment campaign, to correct the judiciary’s creation of corporate rights under the First Amendment over the past three decades.  Immediately following the Court’s ruling, the groups unveiled a new website – http://www.freespeechforpeople.org – devoted to this campaign.

"Free speech rights are for people, not corporations," says John Bonifaz, Voter Action’s legal director.  "In wrongly assigning First Amendment protections to corporations, the Supreme Court has now unleashed a torrent of corporate money in our political process unmatched by any campaign expenditure totals in US history.  This campaign to amend the Constitution will seek to restore the First Amendment to its original purpose."

Passing a constitutional amendment is a long-term project that requires hard work and grassroots organizing before it will succeed. You can help the campaign reach its goal by helping educate others and spread the word. Here are some easy ways to get started:
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