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The Venus Project Foundation



The Venus Project Foundation


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The Venus Project Foundation is an educational, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable national organization based in Manhattan, New York City. We are dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights, abolition of female and child slavery, female rights, gender equality and environmental protection measures.
We adhere to, and are advocates of reason and common sense principles and ethical standards.   We are committed to the wide dissemination of creative, enlightening, educational and artistic works and public programming, through funding and supporting the production, promotion and distribution of such works as documentary films, feature films, music, art, science and literature.
We are seeking financial, material support and volunteer work to jump-start our work and mission. Your tax-deductible donations of funds, goods and services will be greatly appreciated and will be listed on the – Contributors List – page at our website for all to see, unless to ask not to be listed there.
Our mission at Venus Project Foundation is to provide the resources for production, promotion and distribution of violence free, enlightening works of art and entertainment presentations, and as a publicly funded 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, we are solely dependent on your tax-deductible contributions.
Please give generously, give us a hand, to convey and introduce the many peaceful remedies already available, to help and inform all of us, the citizens of the Planet Earth, of the many hidden and unspoken solutions and the truth about numerous issues, that if left unchecked could have irreversible consequences. 
Issues ranging from; global pollutions, global warming, global warring world politics, war, religious fundamentalism, slavery, terrorism, to poverty, widespread female slavery, female rape and denigration, domestic violence, child abuse and many more manmade problems, all of which could be solved peacefully, through the use of reason and common sense principles and ethical standards, open and honest dialogue, cultural exchange, arts and education.
If you wish to voice your opinion on the issues raised and discussed, simply click on the create an account link at the left to create a user account and join us as a contributing member, or volunteer, or as a guest, sign our guest book and share your thoughts.
The Venus Project Foundation


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