FW: I guess I am now part of the club….Drug war invades our privacy.

Have you clicked on my facebook link under my picture?  It tells the story of my "cut off" from the same reason.  God Bless You and thank God at least we can get to our "other" medicine.

Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 18:45:00 -0400
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Subject: I guess I am now part of the club….Drug war invades our privacy.

Today was like any other day I had a doctors appointment, I even got up earlier than I should have just to get myself together and in the spirit to dealing with doctors.
My appointment was at 10am. I was taken back to my room and was told I had to give a urine sample. They first lied to me about it and said it was to see what the levels of my medication was. AFTER I had filled the cup they showed me it was a drug test! I was positive for THC. The nurse was snickering and said did you expect this? I said, Yes. I asked her why she lied that this was not a level test for my medication and it was a drug test big difference! I told the nurse I did not have to go I had just went she said well we can wait till you have to go. I felt so humiliated and pushed around like a criminal.  
I have been up front with these people for over a year they told me it was ok and fine. Until today, it was a "random" drug test.
Folks, I hardly think taking 2 vicodan a day makes me a drug addict. I also think taking 3 hits from a preferred  method of MMJ 2 times a day qualifies me for any kind of addiction program.
Would have been a different story had I consumed a alcoholic beverage the night before? I am most sure of it. 
So here I am with out the other pain medication that helps with the bone pain I have. I need to find a doctor who has compassion who understands what chronic pain is. I said to my doctor before I left, I will not commit suicide for your paycheck. I also made every one in the waiting room very aware about the Ohio Medical Compassion act before I left the building!
Does any one know of a doctor who works with medicaid and medicare patients who is not a slave to the government who can do the right thing an help MMJ patients in the central Ohio area?
I love you all and some day, some day soon we will all be free!
Dawn M. Dunlap

Dawn Dunlap
Ohio Patient Network
Secretary/Media Director

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