[FWD: AAMC: Graphical History of Cannabis]

Sheree M. Krider



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: AAMC: Graphical History of Cannabis
From: "andrew garret" <antique_andy@catholic.org>
Date: Wed, July 15, 2009 1:44 pm
To: aamcnewtalk@drugsense.org


I’ve got some new sections now ready for the website on the Graphical
History of Cannabis section — www.antiquecannabisbook.com/history
and now (yet once again) need some more proof readers

But I need to warn the reader that some very controversial subjects are
now going to be covered. And some of the material may not be to anyone’s
liking. EXAMPLE:

– Did Jesus Christ make use of Medical Cannabis in his healing ministry?

– Did Noah take Hemp seeds on the ark? Did Noah use Cannabis.

– What about the Ancient Hebrews?

I’ve already have the section on the Ancient Hebrews ready, but would like
someone to look over the spelling etc. [after that I plan to take a
print-out to a local Jewish place to see if they can spot any errors etc.

The same thing will be done with the section on Jesus etc., the Catholic
church etc. . . . Please help if you can, — As anyone can tell, I’ve
really have a problem with bad spell etc. But again, the subjects are
going to be quite controversial in some areas.

Antique Andy
Museum Curator


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