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Sheree M. Krider

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From: "Richard J. Rawlings" <richrawlings@usmjparty.com>
Date: Sun, May 24, 2009 12:29 am
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Bruce, and all here, the MERP falls short of a revolution! The
USMJParty, or me, however you want to take it, is crying for a Bare
Armed Revolution! And I’m doing it in the names of Eddy Lepp, Dana Beal,
Charles Lynch, Marc Emery, and all before them! This is the end, D.C.
July 4th! I Hope you all will all be there!

Much Love, One Love, Rich

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Subject: USMJP Listserv: Good Reason to Reject MPP’s Medical Marijuana
Initiative in Arizona

Good Reason to Reject MPP’s Medical Marijuana Initiative in Arizona

In a recent email from MPP they talk about the pending AZ Medical
Marijuana Initiative:

“What’s unique about the Arizona law is that it would permit
qualifying patients or their caregivers to legally purchase marijuana
from licensed dispensaries — so they wouldn’t need to obtain it from
the criminal market”.

Once you understand what Kampia (MPP) is really talking about I don’t
think you are going to be real excited. You see, under this initiative
(should it pass), you will NOT be able to cultivate the common 12 Plant
maximum unless you live more than 25 miles from a licensed dispensary.

So the only thing “unique” about Rob Kampia’s (President of MPP)
AZ initiative is that it will basically prohibit personal cultivation.
On that count alone I urge everyone in AZ to reject it.

This is exactly what I have been warning people about for years
regarding the major drug reform groups supported by scumbag George
Soros. Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) are
two of the greatest beneficiaries of Soros funds. But Soros funds dozens
of groups throughout the United States and dozens more outside of the
United States .

As an activist in drug reform for over 20 years my goal has always been
to change the laws so that ALL American adults, not just the sick, would
be able to consume and cultivate their own Marijuana, much like we are
able to produce our own homemade beer and wine: without any taxation,
regulation or government interference. To that end I have come up with
the MERP Model and have produced a series of essays and videos to
explain how it would be implemented:

MERP Headquarters

The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)


It is bad enough that Soros is moving to “cash in” on Medical
Marijuana by prohibiting personal cultivation. What is worse is that
such initiatives will do nothing to destroy the Drug Cartels, Terrorist
Organizations and Gangs that profit from the illicit sale of Marijuana.
The only model that would assure this outcome is the MERP Model, because
it would essentially take all but the normal profit out of the Marijuana

For most goods the “normal profit” is usually about twice the cost
of producing the product. So in the case of Marijuana you can grow it
for about 20 to 30 dollars per ounce using the latest hydroponic
techniques and High Intensity Discharge lamps. So you would expect the
“normal profit” to be somewhere between $40 to $60 dollars an ounce.
But the MPP Arizona initiative would do nothing to eliminate the
“black marketing” of Marijuana where an ounce will still sell from
between $300 and $600 an ounce. In such a setting the Medical
Dispensaries, Terrorists, Mexican Drug Cartels etc. will continue to
thrive at our expence.

I think it is time we stop supporting these Soros-supported
organizations and unite to achieve the only solution that will destroy
the Cartels and serve the common good: the MERP Model. It already enjoys
the support of thousands of activists including some of the most
important luminaries of the movement: John Sinclair and Bruce W. Cain
(Editor of New Age Citizen).

So if you want to support true Marijuana Re-Legalization make your
checks and money orders out to “New Age Citizen” and send them to
the following address:

New Age Citizen

PO Box 419

Dearborn Heights , MI 48127

At the very least do not send another dime to any Soros-supported
organization such as MPP or DPA. Neither organization can any longer be
seen as a “honest broker” of Marijuana reform. It is time to drive a
stake through the very heart of Marijuana Prohibition by implementing
the MERP Model immediately.

================= Email from MPP (05/22/2009)

Dear Bruce Cain:

Yesterday, MPP’s campaign committee, the Arizona Medical Marijuana
Policy Project (AMMPP), launched a signature drive to place a medical
marijuana initiative on the ballot in Arizona .

The initiative would allow seriously ill patients who find relief from
marijuana to use it with their doctors’ approval, much like the laws in
the other 13 medical marijuana states do. What’s unique about the
Arizona law is that it would permit qualifying patients or their
caregivers to legally purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries —
so they wouldn’t need to obtain it from the criminal market.

The importance of this can’t be overstated. Although medical marijuana
collectives exist in other states, state laws permitting them are a
hodgepodge, leaving them largely unregulated and subject to legal
challenges. In Arizona , our initiative would provide clear guidelines
for state-regulated dispensaries, thus ensuring safe access for patients
— meaning that Arizona would have the best medical marijuana law in
the country.

But to get the initiative on the ballot, our campaign committee must
collect 153,365 valid signatures from Arizona voters, which means about
250,000 gross signatures. We know from our past successful signature
drives, like in Michigan, that it costs about $2 to collect every
signature (because of the costs of paying canvassers, checking validity,
and so forth), which means it will take $500,000 to fund this stage of
the campaign.


AZ Medical Marijuana Policy Project Files With Secretary Of State’s

by Press Release


PHOENIX (May 14, 2009) — Today, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy
Project (AMMPP) filed language with the Secretary of State’s office with
the intent to place the issue of medical marijuana on the November 2010
ballot. AMMPP’s initiative would make the possession of a limited
quantity of marijuana and its use legal under Arizona law for certain
severely ill patients with a doctor’s recommendation.

"This is a common-sense law that allows severely ill patients access to
medication that they need, while providing strict controls to make sure
this medicine is only available to qualified patients," said Andrew
Myers, campaign manager for the initiative. "Thousands of patients
across Arizona are already using medical marijuana with their doctor’s
recommendation. These patients shouldn’t have to risk arrest and jail
just for following their doctor’s advice."

Marijuana has been shown to safely and effectively relieve nausea and
vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy and treatments for HIV/AIDS

and other illnesses, and to relieve the nerve pain that afflicts
millions suffering from multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and other

The prospective law calls for using state-regulated dispensaries to
distribute marijuana to qualifying patients, a model that will guarantee
access for qualifying patients while providing a strict enforcement
mechanism to assure the drug is not distributed illegally. Qualifying
patients who live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary will be
allowed to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants for personal use.

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