[FWD: AAMC: legalization of cannabis ab390]

Sheree M. Krider

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Subject: AAMC: legalization of cannabis ab390
From: "Dave" <dave@theceramicstop.com>
Date: Thu, February 26, 2009 11:15 am
To: <aamcnewtalk@drugsense.org>, "’Art Livermore’"



You are really hitting the nail on the head! (Sac. Bee feb.23 )
Cannabis is
the leading agricultural crop, not just in California, but in the
The true numbers on how many people use cannabis, will never be known.
is actually believed that one of every three adult Americans use
cannabis on
a semi regular basis. Plug those numbers into the formulas. Billions of
dollars indeed! The dollars that this bill profess’ to generate may be
the tip of the iceberg.

While people will still state that this assembly bill (ab390) is a
danger to
society, it should again be noted, that millions of Americans already
cannabis and the main reason (perhaps the only reason) they are
arrested, is
because cannabis is prohibited. Not for mis-behaving, but for
This country has a thriving sexual enhancement industry, a thriving
industry, a thriving alcohol industry, all of which are recreational and
have proven to kill you.cannabis use has not been linked to any deaths.
FDA controlled/approved pharmaceuticals are also a killing field of
experimentation that makes nearly a trillion dollars off of sick people.
Cannabis though recreational to many, has many other beneficial
uses.(medicine, fiber for cloth, seeds for nutrition, pulp for
production and bio-mass for energy production.) Did you know that you
grow four times the bio-mass product with hemp/cannabis on the same
as trees.over and over year after year. Can’t do that with trees.

But that is another letter.

Dave Bishop

P.O. Box 40

Garden Valley, Ca. 95633

530 621 2874


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