Are “They” Going To Mars?

The White House is Briefed: Phoenix About to Announce “Potential For Life” on Mars | Universe Today


I had a thought the other day.  Strange as it may seem.

Somehow, all the money (paper money) is gone.  Somehow it has been taken and hidden from the people.

It HAS to be somewhere.  None of us have it, this is plain to see.  So where did it go?  The U S Government seems

to have plenty to hand out to “bailouts” of all of their favorite “charities” such as the Wallstreet fund.

Unless “someone” has burned all of this cash, it has to be somewhere.

Now we are confronted with the idea that the planet Mars just might be inhabitable.

What If?

What if “They” sucked up all the money, have it converted to gold, and just about the time that Armageddon sets in on Earth,

“They” will be ready to jump in their spaceship and head for a new life and a new planet.  Hell, the Bush Family probably already has a Martian Whitehouse just waiting for their arrival!

Sounds crazy I know.  But, what if it were true?


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