Truth Prevails!
November 5th, 2008 By: Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy
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The politics of compassion have overcome
the politics of fear.

Tonight, Michigan became the thirteenth state to
legalize the physician
supervised possession and use of cannabis. According
to early returns, more
than 60 percent of Michigan voters decided in favor of
Proposal 1, which
establishes a state-regulated system regarding the use and
cultivation of
medical marijuana by qualified patients.

endorsed the measure despite a high profile, deceptive, and
despicable ad
campaign by Prop. 1 opponents < who falsely claimed that the
would allow for the open sale of marijuana ³in every
neighborhood, just
blocks from schools.² (In fact, Proposal 1 does not even
allow for the
creation of licensed cannabis dispensaries.)

Michigan¹s new law goes into
effect on December 4th, at which time nearly
one-quarter of the US population
will live in a state that authorizes the
legal use of medical

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, some 65 percent of voters (and
virtually every
town) decided ³yes² on Question 2, which reduces minor
marijuana possession
to a fine-only offense. Like in Michigan, voters
rejected a high-profile,
deceptive ad campaign by the measure¹s opponents,
who argued that it would
increase adolescent drug abuse, permit large-scale
marijuana trafficking,
endanger workplace safety, and sharply increase
traffic fatalities.

Question 2 is expected to become law in 30 days <
making Massachusetts the
thirteenth state to decriminalize the personal
possession and use of
cannabis. (Note: Under state law, politicians have the
option of amending
the new law.)

NORML celebrates both victories and
recognizes that neither would have been
possible without the grassroots
efforts of Michigan and Massachusetts state
activists < who laid the
groundwork for both campaigns by successfully
passing a series of similar,
municipal initiatives over the past several

Tonight, once
again, voters have rejected the Bush doctrine on drugs.
They¹ve rejected the
lies put forward by drug warriors and law enforcement,
and demonstrated <
overwhelmingly < that truth, compassion, and first-hand
experience are
more persuasive than the deception and scare tactics of those
who would take
away our freedoms and confine us in cages.

In short, it is the cannabis
community, not the Drug Czar, that is shaping
America¹s marijuana policy, and
tonight we go to bed knowing that millions
of Americans will wake up tomorrow
with a better, brighter, and more
tolerant future than they had today.


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