I Will Vote for Bruce Cain on Election Day!

I Will Vote for Bruce Cain on Election Day!



SMKrider: In My Opinion


In ten days we will all go to the voting booths to elect a new government.

I say a "new government" because that is what it is ultimately going to be.

The question is only "what type of government will we elect?"

This will be the most important election of our lives.

We have the standard choices, either Democrat or Republican, and we have a couple of other choices.

The Democrats have become Socialists and the Republicans are Totalitarians.

There are two choices for "Independent" or "Write in Candidates".

They are the Ralph Nadar/Gonzalez team, or Bruce Cain who is running as a (UMP) candidate.

When you come upon a mountain, there are two ways to get to the other side.

The easiest being going around the mountain and the hardest is to climb over the mountain.

If you choose to go around the mountain, you will miss out on the view from the TOP!

This country has been run by the Democrats and Republicans since before I was born. What have they accomplished? A capitalistic agenda that has broken the very core of our Democracy. We have been under siege ever since the "Incorporation" was born.


The following is from http://www.rmbowman.com/catholic/econom2.htm

It wasn’t always thus. For most of its 2,000 year history, Christianity not only frowned on capitalism, but banned it outright. Capitalism is making money with money. Interest, capital gains, investment income — everything we call "unearned income" — these are the lifeblood of capitalism. But until fairly recently, they were all banned by the Christian churches. Even buying and selling at a profit was proscribed. It was unthinkable for a Christian to be a businessman.

Roosevelt identified the source of the problem. " We have begun to bring private, autocratic powers into their proper subordination to the public’s government. A legend that they were invincible, above and beyond the processes of democracy, has been shattered. They have been challenged and beaten." He was talking about corporations.

Roosevelt knew that only the power of the government could protect the people from the power of "Private, autocratic powers" (corporations). No talk from him about government not being the solution! "We’re going to find through government the instrument of our united purpose." "Repeated attempts at solution without the aid of government have left us baffled and bewildered, … we must find practical controls over blind economic forces and blindly selfish men."

Roosevelt did find the way. Through a combination of social security, government jobs, and other socialist measures, he overcame the power of the Standard Oil trust and other conglomerates and raised the people out of poverty and despair. After the war, the government went further into debt to fund the GI Bill. It turned out to be the best investment yet. The 1950s (which conservatives always want to take us back to) saw top tax brackets of 90% — and saw the emergence of a true middle class.

Of course, it wasn’t just the wealthy individuals that financed the boom. Corporations paid 39% of all income taxes back then. By 1991 their share was down to 9%. (This in spite of the fact that corporations were getting a much larger share of the nation’s wealth.)

By the early 70s, poverty in the United States was way down, the result not of unbridled capitalism, but of its combination with socialist policies.

But then people forgot that government was their only protection from corporate power. Government disgraced itself with the Vietnam War, and the corporations geared up for a comeback. They learned how to manipulate public opinion through the media. They also learned how to control politicians through campaign donations. The result was the election in 1980 of Ronald Reagan and the beginning of the Reagan revolution.

During the Reagan years, government controls on corporate power were dismantled, the unions were emasculated, corporate greed was deregulated, top tax rates were slashed, government protection for workers and the environment was weakened, and social programs were squeezed out by Pentagon spending. The end result was a purer form of capitalism. Was this a good thing? Is capitalism working for us? The best we can do in our attempt to answer these questions is to look at statistics. Unfortunately, relevant or consistent statistics are not always easy to come by. But what is available tells a pretty clear story.


With this history of capitalism in our past and present, should we not step up and vote for a real change (not the "change" set forth in the media), and reclaim our rights as citizens of this Country again?

This will never happen as long as we keep electing Democrats and Republicans. We must make a complete change in our environment. The NWO that has been in the making is doomed to failure.

Doomed to fail US! The Citizens. The Beaurocrats will suffice, but we will not!




I am making my supporting statement for Mr. Bruce Cain.



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