The United States Marijuana Party

Saturday, 24 May, 200805:33:51 PM


The above link to Wikipedia states the following:


The United States Marijuana Party (or US MJP) (MORE POPULARLY KNOWN AS: U.S. MARIJUANA PARTY) is a cannabis political party in the United States.

It was founded in 2002, specifically to end the war on drugs and to legalize cannabis. Their policies also include other socially libertarian positions. Local chapters have been formed in 29 states, and they are affiliated with a number of international cannabis political parties.

Loretta Nall from Alabama was the chairperson of the party until she resigned in 2006 to pursue the Libertarian Party of Alabama’s nomination for governor.

In 2004, Cris Ericson was on the Official Election Ballot in VERMONT for the MARIJUANA PARTY. Ericson was on the ballot for Governor and for U.S. Senate in 2004. It is legal to be on the ballot for one state and one federal office. Ericson will be on the 2008 ballot for the U.S. Marijuana Party.





This is a valid description of the party – but one that I would like to see adapted to encompass more than just "marijuana legalization".

It goes so much further than this. It is a way of life, one that can liberate an entire race of humans on this earthly planet. Hemp is the first and most formidable of the initiation process. No more "disposable" life. When an item is made of hemp, it will last forever. Just ask the U.S. Government.

Fuel made of Hemp would change the way we drive our vehicles forever. When Marijuana is used as a medicine, many people who otherwise would have a very miserable and painful life can once again become productive, and those who may be terminal have a much less dramatic death. It is entirely possible that we have been deliberately lied to about the medical benefits of Cannabis to enable the capitalistist health care system to carry on and thrive. The montage of govenment agencies that rule our very lives have turned us into "pharmaceutial rats" for the industries of all kinds including but not limited to our food and medicines. What about pesticides? And the toys with lead paint in them? Got any "rubber duckies"?

It is time for US to take control of our country, and break the regime that has taken control for the last 50-70 years and relieve them from duty. Permanently. The fate of "the world" may very well depend upon how we react to our political system in the next ten years. If we choose to sit back and "let what happens, happens" then we may be in for a big shock. One morning we will wake up (hopefully?) and the world will be destroyed. And so will we. Our children’s lives depend upon what we do now.

Have you ever sat back and wondered why the "other half of the world" hates us? It is pretty simple. We are trying to force our capitalistic way of life upon every country in the world. The New Global Order. The reason Myanmar would not allow us in is not because they don’t care about their people. Yes, they do have severe humanitarian issues, but the reason they don’t want us there is because they are afraid of what we will try to make them do.

The only issues that we should be involved in outside of our own country are human rights issues and disaster help. Foreign countries are quite able to maintain their own government. If the people want a change in their governing bodies there will be either an election or a ‘civil war’. We cannot control that. And, we cannot force them into changing their whole way of life by promising them that they will be able to go to the store and buy something… or whatever. Or that we will ‘give them’ something if they choose to live like us. It has never worked before and it will not work now. Of all the wars that I have read about, the Civil War in the U.S. and WWI and II are the only ones that seemed necessary to me. Hitler’s entire regime was evil and had to be eraticated. But if you read the history there was much more behind the endeavor than saving the Jewish people…which was absolutely necessary.

Aside from war and foreign policy, our own civil policies are eroding our faith-based beliefs, and our love for the common man. A total change in our American environment encompassing civil rights, right to self medicate, freedom of religious beliefs, freedom to raise our children as we see fit, and limiting the rich man’s appeal to our society so as to encourage faith, hope, love and charity to all. Education and research are a unified necessity for all of us. Not just a few that are wealthy or happen to be smart enough and lucky enough to get a scholarship.

Global Warming, from whatever the source of the problem, must be stopped. We are killing the Earth and ourselves.

Nuclear anything has to be eliminated. If they can figure out a way to make nuclear weapons they can figure out a way to get rid of them – and not by blowing them up in the ocean or over our heads.

It is only if we can make these drastic changes that we as a people and the rest of the world can live in harmony. And whether we will be able to live on this planet at all. For if we choose not to change, we won’t have to worry about it much longer. God the Father and Mother Earth will take quite good care of it all by themselves.

Something to make you think….



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