Fw: US OH: Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Medical Use of Marijuana

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> COLUMBUS — Ohioans who use marijuana for medical reasons would not face
> arrest or prosecution, under legislation to be introduced by one state
> lawmaker this week.
> Sen. Tom Roberts, a Democrat from Dayton, announced his intentions to
> offer the Ohio Medical Compassion Act, creating a regulated system for the
> medicinal use of cannabis.
> A dozen other states already have adopted comparable protections for their
> citizens, Roberts told reporters during a press conference Wednesday.
> "It is time for Ohio to join these states on the forefront of emerging
> medical breakthroughs and scientific advances," he said.
> The legislation would establish a card-holder system, through which
> eligible residents could register, then legally grow and use medicinal
> marijuana for specified medical issues, including treating pain, nausea
> and other symptoms of different diseases.
> The Ohio Department of Health would administer the registration and create
> a confidential database of card-holders that could be accessed by law
> enforcement "before an arrest, raid or any other action is implemented,"
> Roberts said.
> The Ohio Department of Agriculture would be charged with providing
> guidance on safe and efficient cannabis cultivation.
> No one younger than 21 would be eligible to register for the marijuana use
> cards, and cannabis use would be prohibited when operating a motor vehicle
> or in public places, among other provisions.
> Supporters believe the legislation would help people like Tonya Davis, a
> 45-year-old from Roberts’ district who spoke during Wednesday’s press
> conference. The wheelchair-bound woman suffers from multiple medical
> conditions.
> "Medical cannabis has literally saved my life, I believe," she said. "…
> This is a compassionate issue. It is a just issue. And I deserve to have a
> choice on what I put in my body."
> She added, "We’re not trying to get high."
> It is unlikely, however, that the bill will see any movement through the
> legislative process before the summer, nor possibly before the
> Republican-led chambers end the session.
> Senate President Bill Harris, a Republican from Ashland, said no members
> of his caucus have voiced support for legalizing medical marijuana to him
> to date.
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