Fw: [mmjlist] mmj patient sentenced to one year in jail

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Subject: [mmjlist] mmj patient sentenced to one year in jail

> Crohn’s sufferer Steve Senn was sentenced to one year in jail today, even
> after Steve’s doctor reported that Steve is on an experimental therapy
> that could have drastic health consequences if he were to be incarcerated.
> After a year of compliance with the court’s orders, Steve Senn has had his
> deferred sentence revoked simply because he has tested positive for using
> medical marijuana recommended by his physician. The Judge in that case
> even went so far as to specifically order that the patient was to be
> denied the use of medical marijuana for the length of his custody and
> supervision by Department of Corrections. After more than an hour of
> heated arguments by attorney Douglas Hiatt, the honorable Judge Gillings
> was finally moved to stay the harsh sentence pending appeal. That meant
> Cascadia NORML was required to pay Steve’s bail just to keep him out of
> jail until attorneys can prepare arguments for a higher court.
> The financial cost of these proceedings has already caused great hardship
> in several people’s lives. Now this tragic struggle will continue with
> mounting legal costs for many months or longer.
> There was only one reporter in the courtroom today, but there may be more
> media attention as this case continues though the court system.
> It is better to fight for what is right than to go along with what is
> wrong.
> Martin Martinez
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