Fw: [WTP] “People should not be afraid of their governments…” — Historic WTP “V for Vendetta” Poster

[WTP] "People should not be afraid of their governments…" — Historic WTP "V for Vendetta" Poster

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Subject: [WTP] "People should not be afraid of their governments…"
— Historic WTP "V for Vendetta" Poster

May 17,

"People should not be
afraid of their governments,
governments should be afraid of
their People"

Freedom Requires
Historic WTP "V for
Vendetta" Poster Now Available

In the 2006
futuristic movie "V for Vendetta," the protagonist protester of the
film, "V", begins his open defiance of the tyrannical government by
hijacking a television studio and broadcasting his message of
rebellion declaring, "Truth is, there’s something terribly wrong
with this country." 

He’s right. There

In the movie’s final
climactic scene, the masses, all wearing the masked costume of famed
English revolutionary Guy Fawkes, assemble in a dystopian downtown
London marching directly, and non-violently, against the ultimately
disorientated forces of the government.


Right-to-Petition DC protest, March,

As part of WTP’s Give Me
Liberty conference of March 2007, and taking strong cues from the
political elements of the movie, a large number of WTP supporters
donned the identical "V" costumes used in the movie, and assembled
directly in front of the White House holding large billboard-size
banners, proclaiming, "Dear Government, Obey the Constitution — or
else." and "No Answers, NO Taxes". 

The purpose of the masks
and costumes was to give expression (protected by the First
Amendment’s guarantee of Free Speech) to the fact that America was
becoming a Police State.

The participants stood in silent
protest of the Government’s refusal to respond to the People’s
Petitions for Redress of Grievances. The next day, the Washington
Post published a short
story & photo
noting the First Amendment issues
behind the very unique protest.

Just two days later, the U.S.
Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit against Bob Schulz and
the WTP organization, claiming their Petitions for Redress
constituted an unlawful "abusive tax shelter" in violation of
"Section 6700 of the Internal Revenue Code." The Government sought
to enjoin WTP from distributing their Petition for Redress of
Grievances containing highly damaging legal research regarding the
(alleged) authority of the Government to impose mandatory wage
withholding upon ordinary American workers. The case is still under
Click here to read what the editorial board of
Bob Schulz’s hometown newspaper (the Glens Falls Post Star) had to
say in a recent editorial
criticizing the U.S. District Court’s decision against WTP,
implicating the larger First Amendment issues at stake in the

Click for video:   "V"s 
rebellion broadcast from the movie
strongly recommend this
"V" confronts D.C.


Fundraiser Posters Now

As a fund raiser,
we are now making available a high-resolution, full-color
poster marking WTP’s historic "V" the DC protest event. Each
poster is professionally printed on 80# pound, high gloss
cover stock. 

The "16 x 20"
posters are suitable for framing and are shipped in a sturdy
shipping tube. 

Click here to make
a donation

to receive this
historic poster

Posters are
$30 each, or (5) five for $100.

Click here for a larger preview.

Please help
support our organization.
Order your posters

Click to access all the
lawsuit documents

More videoWTP
"V" White House Protest

Click here to make a
receive this historic poster

Please remember, the operations of the WTP
are funded
by your generous

Our Home Page is www.GiveMeLiberty.org

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