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From: Deborah
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 11:01 PM
Subject: Unfair Immigration Laws – Website

I am writing a hard email right now and I am asking
you all to pray, I mean truly pray and also if you know of anyone else who is a
prayer warrior to get them to pray, to put us on your prayer chains.  I
also am trying to get up a march for all the ones who has past charges for drugs
or whatever and it’s been years and the government won’t allow them in to be
with their spouses b/c of these things. 

Like my husband Terry- he had simple marijuana
charges back when he was a teenager and now he is 49 yrs old and has  never
used drugs since that time.  He is a born again Christian and does not
condone those things now.  We have been married  since 2002 and they
would not allow him into the country for 2 yrs not even to visit me or meet my
family. He’s been here since 2004 and working legally and all and yesterday he
received a letter saying they had denied him to stay here with me in the
U.S.  They are giving us less than 30 days to do an appeal which would cost
585.00 and here he’s been out of work for nearly a month b/c of INS and he
hasn’t gotten his new work permit and he might not now b/c they denied him his
staying. I called Senator Burr’s office yesterday and Congressmen David Price’s
office yesterday and they said they could  not help me!  I called the
Attorney General’s office and they said they could not help me.  They said
what we need is an Immigration lawyer but as i just said- Terry has been out of
work and I am out of work too.  Since this thing began in 2002 we have
spent thousands of dollars trying to do all the paperwork and things they ask us
to and we are just bled dry.  Anyone who knows either of us knows we are
not rich by any means and they keep saying we need to do this or that that
costs  more money.  This with the Immigration lawyer is our last shot
at his staying.

What we have experienced from some people is- well
why don’t you just go back to Canada with him? We are suppose to live in a
country that is a land of the free and the brave.  They allow over 11
million illegals to be here and the illegals are demanding rights like going to
college and such and yet we’ve done everything the legal way and they say he
cannot stay!  God forgave Terry his past charges and has forgotten them but
we live in a country where they say he is not worthy of being forgiven of
forgiveness for something he did while he was a mere teenager and has never done
it since!  I ask you- when does real forgiveness and freedom come to those
outside our country who have had things in their past but have been long free
from them?

Why should my husband have to leave the country for
something he did long ago that God forgave him of when there are pver 11 million
illegals in our country who God knows what they did throughout their life
times?  What if you were in Terry’s place or one of those like him who had
done things in your teenage years or many years ago and you had learned and
grown from them and your life had been changed and you were free of them, you
ask God to forgive you and you were forgiven and now you were told to leave the
country-how would you like it?  How would you like being told you must
leave your wife and family and if your wife went with you- she had to leave her
four kids and grandkids and hardly ever see them again?

We are dealing with real hard situations here. 
I know of an illegal now and he is married to an American citizen and they have
a daughter together.  He has not seen his mother, father, little brother,
and other family members in over 10 yrs b/c of fear of not getting back into the
country and back to his wife and child.  The wife has a family here of a
mother and father, sister, and brothers and such and she cannot stand the idea
of leaving them and yet he is torn also. These are heart wrenching situations
and no one in government seems to care about the pain and suffering going on
right here in this country.

I grew up having pride in my country and government
b/c I thought they would take care of you and that they would truly fight for
you.  Ever since I have gone through this with Terry and I have written
rounds of letters to the President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, talk
show hosts, newspapers, ministries, anyone and everyone I could think of- I am
here to tell you that I do not have faith in the government or too much of any
of these anymore b/c no one has truly helped us much.  Several newspapers
have carried our story but it’s mainly been here in Hillsborough and I do thank
them but I haven’t been able to get this out on a big level to the media to
cover.  There are thousands going through the same things we have been
going through and it’s so hard to hear about them.

We found out this by starting a website which Terry
had to take down after awhile b/c there were spybots all over the pages and I
don’t know much about these things but they somehow put stuff all over your
site- vulgar stuff and I told Terry that I didn’t want people thinking we had
put it up so he had to take the web pages down.  Before he did though many
had told us their stories and told us the pain and devastation they had and were
suffering b/c they could not get their spouses into the country b/c of past
charges long ago and they were crying out to us for help which we felt helpless
to help them b/c we were trying to figure out how to help ourselves so that
Terry  could get here and could stay here with me. If you could only read
these stories your heart would just break.  These are pominent and ordinary
people and most don’t have the money for Immigration lawyers and such. 
There marriages and families lie in the balance b/c of the unjust laws that keep
them out.

The U.S. law states if you have one or more drug
charges no matter how long it was ago- you can NEVER immigrate to the U.S. but
it covers more than just drug charges.  It could be stealing or other

I am pleading with you all who will to help me with a
march so that we can get some media coverage b/c I have tried in everyway to get
coverage for us and all others going through this but they will not
listen.  Only numbers matter to them. Most U.S. citizens think when you
marry a U.S. citizen that you automatically get to live here- NOT TRUE!  I
have less than 30 days to try to find a Immigration lawyer to help us pro bono
b/c we have no money to pay them.  The appeal form is $585.00 itself and I
don’t know how we will do even that as we are both out of work now.  I have
had health problems since this thing  began in 2002 and I feel it’s mostly
stress but I do know arthritis runs in my family.  My oldest daughter was
diagnosed back when she was 19 yrs old and it crippled my grandmother.  I
am only one person and we need so much help.  If you are willing to help us
plan a march- PLEASE let me know ASAP as we have less than 30 days to do

My heart is bleeding here for us and for all going
through this.  It is heart wrenching to think my husband would be sent back
to Canada and I am telling you as a wife and mother that I would just about die
to have to choose between my husband and my children/grandchildren.  I have
been in North Carolina all of my life and I never wanted to leave here.  It
was never in the plan for me to have to leave b/c we had decided Terry would
come here.  It would almost kill my children and grandchilren for me to
have to leave.  I don’t think I could!  I am going through so much
pain that I cannot tell you and have since 9 months after we married and they
told us he could never immigrate here.  Our lives have been in limbo since
we married b/c of this one law.

It "’"s time for a change and change only comes
through and by the outcry of people.  The constitution and laws were 
created by the people and for the people but they no longer are.

Decisions are made for us that we have no say so over
it seems and they make unjust laws that do not protect us or our marriages and
families and it’s time everyone knew about this law and it’s time for us to take
a stand b/c either you’ll stand for something or you’ll die for nothing. 
Life is not about living in a bubble and only caring for ourselves but
it’s  caring about others and helping them b/c you would sure want someone
to stand with you if need be.  United we can stand and divided we will
fall.  Please hear the cries of my heart and all those going through this
and reach out to help us.  Please help us all plan a march and somehow get
the news out there about this unjust law and how it’s hurting so many marriages
and families.  Please help us to make a real difference- together we can
make a difference.  Please inform all those that you know about this and
put us on any prayer chains you know of.

Thank you all and God bless each and everyone!

Deborah VanDuzee

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