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1 May 2008

Greetings All,

First, welcome to everyone who has joined this
list since our last post, including the folks who signed up at last
weeks Amnesty International Annual General Meeting in Virginia.


  • Executions Resume – First post-Baze execution is May 6
  • What to Do from Far Far Away
  • Catching Up With Capital X
  • Nebraska Notes
  • Bumper Stickers, Buttons & Shirts
  • Farewell to David Elliot


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…But U.S. Supreme Court
Justice Stevens Changes His Mind.

After the longest moratorium in 25 years,
executions are set to resume in the U.S. next week in Georgia, where William
Lynd is scheduled to be killed on May 6, 2008 in response to his
murders of Virginia "Ginger" Moore and Leslie Joan
Sharkey.  A number of other southern states –
including Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia – have also set execution
dates.  (Please see the top right section at http://www.NCADP.org
for more details and action alerts.  Especially if
you have a fax machine or are willing to overnight a letter to the
Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles for delivery not later than
9am Monday
morning, please follow that link and take that action.)

In a way, this is simply a resumption of the
status quo before the U.S. Supreme Court announced in September 2007
that it would review one state’s lethal injection protocol. The
Court handed down its decision on April 16, thus clearing the way
for new execution dates to be set.

However it is perhaps more important to
note what the Court
consider. The Court did not argue that the
death penalty is a meritorious public policy. The Court did not
declare that capital punishment is free of blunders, biases and
bureaucracies – blunders because of the number of innocent people
sentenced to death; biases because of the class and racial
inequities that plague the system; and bureaucracies because of the
cumbersome and time-consuming nature of death penalty

These things about the death penalty were true
before the moratorium began. They are just as true now that the
moratorium has ended.

Indeed, after more than 30 years of
supporting executions, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
changed his mind and now concludes that the death penalty violates the
because it amounts to no more than the pointless infliction of pain.
In his opinion in the Baze decision, Stevens indicated that
if it were up to him, he would do away with the death penalty
altogether. He
challenges all of us to engage in
"… a dispassionate,
impartial comparison of the enormous costs that death penalty
litigation imposes on society with the benefits that it

As executions resume in the U.S., it indeed is time
for such a contemplation.

Today your work to oppose – and abolish –
capital punishment is more important than ever before. Please click
to help NCADP pay for the work that needs to be



Recently Alison wrote to me:

I have been a
subscriber to the newsletter for sometime now, but to tell you the
I live in a small town in NSW, Australia. As you know,
Australia doesn’t
have the death
penalty anymore, but I would really like to see it
stopped in the USA. 
Is there anything that I can do, given I am not a US citizen, or live
there?  I would be interested in being involved in
someway if you can think of something.  Anyway, it
is great to read the newsletters anyway, Thanks Abe


There is a
list of ten things you can do here
on our web page:  

Clearly not all of these ideas work for our
friends outside of the U.S., but take a look and
think about how you can use the circles that you travel in to
further the cause you believe in.  Here’s a few
more ideas:

* Write a letter to the editor of your
local paper about why you oppose the death penalty. When it is
published, send a copy to the U.S. Ambassador to your country, and
to your Ambassador to the U.S., with a note asking
them to raise this as an issue of concern with their higher ups.

* Rent a film with a death penalty
film and invite friends to watch and discuss it with you, or hold a
public showing and discussion at the library or a local faith
community.  You can add an action component such
as asking everyone to write a letter protesting an upcoming
execution, and/or take up a collection to help support the work of
the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

* Think about other things that you can do, and
share those ideas with me here at abe@NCADP.org
– I’ll compile and share some of them every once in a



Esther Brown of Project Hope to Abolish the Death
Penalty in Alabama writes this
update on Capital X, who is walking from Trenton, NJ to
TX to raise awareness
about the death penalty:

X is in Alabama! I
picked him up yesterday evening and brought him to my house
after dinner with Judy and Jim. There was a long phone call with
Holman and friendships were born. X and I talked late into the
night. As I write, Judy has taken X to a local elementary school and
an interview with the People’s Voice will follow, back at my house.
Tonight X will be in Tuskegee with Chief Frazier, of The Revealer
program, participating in a town meeting.

Lots is happening! X
will be in Birmingham in a couple of days and
is open to doing speaking and or interviews. He is an
extraordinary man in every sense of the word and we are grateful for
his friendship.

If you would like to
meet with him please contact him at 281 818 8935 or at
his email

or call me at 334 499 0003


The video blog is here:  http://onloq.com/channels/from-the-front-lines/

More is on the Journey of Hope Blog at http://www.thejourneyofhope.blogspot.com/



Megan wrote this in the Nebraskans
Against the Death Penalty weekly update….

Yesterday, our board chair, Amy Miller spoke to a class at
Marian High School and I was
fortunate to be able to tag along.   Not everyone in the
class agreed on abolition, but it was lively discussion and some
serious questions were brought up by the students.  On our way
back from Omaha, we discussed how
important it is to continue to keep abolition a hot topic in
Nebraska. When we arrived back to
the office, I had an amazing phone call from a woman in Lexington who
wanted to voice her support for abolition, and despite not being
able to support NADP financially, wanted to know what she could do
to help our cause.  I told her write or call her elected
officials, talk to your friends about abolition, and attend NADP
related events.  Her call was so passionate about her reasons
behind wanting abolition.  When the call ended, she said "I am
going to call my senator at home right now." These two events were
just small reminders about how much work we have done on the journey
towards abolition as well as how much work we have left.  We
want to know how you are continuing to keep the fight for abolition
going in your area of the state.  We also want to extend our
help!  NADP is more than happy to come to your events,
organizations, house parties, classrooms, anywhere there is an
audience small or large to discuss the death penalty.  We just
want to spread the word on how we plan to end the death penalty in
Nebraska! If you want to either
let us know how you are continuing your fight for abolition or if
you want an NADP speaker to come talk to your group about the death
penalty, please contact me at 402.477.7787 or info@nadp.net.

Thank you again for all your ongoing support.


Megan Moslander, Office Manager



For those of you who responded to the opportunity
to receive visibility tools, you should have them by
now.  Please let me know how they are working for
you!  And to those who sent contributions to help
cover the costs of that project, thanks very much! 
Reach me at abe@ncadp.org



David Elliot, NCADP’s Communications Director,
will complete his service with the National Coalition this
Friday.  David is leaving to take a new position
working on broader social justice issues at U.
S. Action

Recently, former NCADP Board Chair
Marshall Dayan wrote the following tribute to David. 
We will miss him here – myself especially, since his office
is across the hall from mine and everyone else is all the way at the
other end of a very long hall!  It’s not
"goodbye," David, its "see you later!"  Thanks for
all that you have done in your tenure at NCADP. 

An Open Letter to David:

David, I dare say that you and I have worked
together for well over a decade.  Your work has been remarkable
in many, many ways.  Your communications skills are top-drawer,
your understanding of new and old media is equal to anyone’s I’ve
met and with whom I’ve worked, your interpersonal skills
are unsurpassed, and your passion for our work, the work of saving
the lives of those condemned to death in America, whether through
abolition or on a case-by-case basis, are likewise
unsurpassed.  I want to take a liberty to write
particularly about your interpersonal skills.  There have been
occasions, once or twice, when the passions, the stakes, the
difficulties of our work, have led to "intrafamily
squabbles."  No one, absolutely no one, has had more
patience, more understanding, greater standing in the community, to
divine peaceful resolutions to these squabbles than have you. 
I believe that your ability comes from an understanding that is
the foundation of this work, an understanding that each of us
as human beings–death row inmate, surviving family
member, big-headed lawyer or pig-headed organizer, is
endowed with special dignity and deserving of respect by others, and
you’ve brought that understanding to all of your work and all of
your tasks, big and small, on behalf of the anti-death penalty
movement in America.   

I wish you well in your new endeavor, and all
your future endeavors, and though I saddened by your leaving the
National Coalition, I am filled with admiration for the work you’ve
done for the National Coalition, and for the movement.  I wish
to pledge $500.00 to the National Coalition in your honor, and to
strongly encourage at least 19 other friends of yours and
supporters of your work to match my pledge to establish a
$10,000.00 living legacy in your honor, and to further the work
in which you’ve so tirelessly engaged.  With much love,
Marshall Dayan

Friends, please click
to join Marshall with a contribution in
recognition of David Elliot’s legacy at NCADP.

Yours in the Struggle,


Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director of Affiliate Support

National Coalition to Abolish the Death





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