Re: Medical Marijuana Story

Medical Marijuana Story

Thank you for your
thoughtful and and (unfortunately) your correct thoughts on the
That is what this fight
is all about.  Freedom of self-medication and the right to use a plant that
was put here for us by God.
The whole idea that a
"governing body" of individuals can dictate to the public at large exactly what
they can eat, what medicines they may consume (or NOT consume – "vaccinations"
for example) makes it a sad time on earth for all of us.
I hope that you will
continue to research what is going on with this plant and with our "governing"
of the people and remain interested in study of this fight for our freedom
on earth.
Please join us on
Saturday – email or call me if you would like to join us.  We NEED people
like you with an education to back us up.
Thank you again for
responding and I hope to hear from you again.
PH;  502 797

Sheree M Krider
Free Lance

PO Box 18006
Louisville, KY 40261



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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 9:47
Subject: Medical Marijuana Story

Greetings, I was reading your
article in the Leo.   The sad state of affairs is that Marijuana
whether medical or not could prevent someone from being placed on a transplant
list for donated organs.  In a recent newpaper (CJ) it presented a story
f a man who was denied a
liver transplant because of his medical marijuana use.  In many persons
that use marijuana to encourage appetite and nutrition in
onic illness, the person actually is able to maintain weight and
prevent cachexia.  However, the people that approve the procedures within
hospitals to transplant organs still consider this an illegal drug despite how
it is prescribed or used.  People do not know that this will affect their
chances for a new life when they
are being placed on the transplant list and test positive for
this drug.  It can be a reason for denial of an organ transplant. 
It is so sad that one intervention that helps the person to live longer with
their disease also prevents their future survival.  Our world has a
standard and no one
will change that

Suzette L.
Sewell RN MSN PHDc

PO Box

Louisville KY


The world is a
dangerous place not because of those that do evil, but because of those that
do nothing about it. Albert Einstein

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