Fw: it’s bull shit!

From: “GatewoodLive-Political Forum and Blog Community”Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 5:48 PM
Subject: it’s bull shit!

> What is going on in Frankfort has more to do with Marijuana being legal,
> hemp replacing corn as fuel, and Kentucky being a free state to enjoy. We
> at GatewoodLive.com think you as a Kentuckian, need to own a firearm, a
> copy of the both the Commonwealth’s Constitution and the US Constitution,
> and know how to use all three. The time for a revolution may be at our
> door step, Are you ready? Your input, ideas, and advice are needed on
> GatewoodLive.com we want you to tell us about what bugs you. Tell us what
> we can do for you, your family, and your area! Just reading these emails
> doesn’t help a thing, get involved. Words and Votes are the first steps in
> a revolt! Whether or not you want to admit to it yet or not something has
> to give politically in Kentucky and in national politics. Wake up you
> sheep of the nation, War is upon us.
> Regards,
> The GatewoodLive-Political Forum and Blog Community Team.


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