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Drug Policy Project

The Drug Policy Project of the Federation of American Scientists is built
around three convictions:

  • We believe that much of the suffering now created by drug abuse, drug
    trafficking, and drug control measures is avoidable: that, using only current
    knowledge and resources, the United States could have a substantially less
    troublesome drug problem five years from now than it has today.

  • We believe that careful analysis can help point the way to better

  • Finally, we believe that open dialogue and civil discourse need to replace
    the shouting and finger-pointing that characterize much of the current drug
    debate in order to create conditions in which analysis can do its work.

The key to better outcomes is to start to judge drug control policies by
their predictable results, where the measure of success is minimization of
aggregate damage. This applies to the currently licit drugs, alcohol and
nicotine, as well as those substances now banned entirely or restricted to
medical use alone.

The Project has two ongoing activities: the quarterly Drug Policy Analysis
and FAS ADAPT (Analysis and Dialogue for Drug-abuse Policies
and Tactics).

The Drug Policy Analysis Bulletin publishes concise articles that
bring research and analysis to bear on the problems of drug abuse control. (For
the full text of any of the first four issues, click below.)

FAS ADAPT has brought together a group of experts from diverse
disciplines and political views to define a set of drug policies that would
represent a "third way" between an unreflective toughening of policy toward the
currently illicit drugs – in the extreme, an unrestricted "war on drugs" – and
and unreflective loosening of those policies – in the extreme, complete
"legalization." ADAPT will try to help the broader politial discourse on
drug policy break away from the polarization between "hawks" and "doves" and
begin to pay attention to the crucial details of the policy choices before us.

The general statement of FAS ADAPT bears the title "Principles for
Practical Drug Policies." (Click below for text, signatory list, and press

FAS ADAPT is now assembling working groups to address specific drug policy
topics, such as sentencing, retail law enforcement, treatment, and alcohol

Project Resources

Drug Policy Analysis Bulletin:

The Drug Policy Analysis Bulletin is published as part of the Federation of
American Scientists’ effort to address policy issues of global impact. Founded
in 1945 by Manhattan Project scientists, the Federation of American Scientists
(FAS) is a national organization of natural and social scientists and
engineers dedicated to the responsible use of science and technology.

Current and past issues of the Bulletin are available in its entirely
online at If
you would like to receive printed copies of our upcoming issues in the mail or
a PDF version via email, please contact Douglas Ross.

Readers who find news items and research reports that warrant coverage are
encouraged to send notes, with links if possible, to Mark Kleiman with a copy to Douglas Ross.

The Bulletin is edited by Mark A.R. Kleiman of the School of Public Policy
and Social Research at UCLA. Please direct comments or questions about the
contents of this newsletter to Dr. Kleiman at 310/206-3234 or by e-mail at The Managing Editor is
Douglas Ross.

Members of the editorial board include (affiliations for identification
only): Peter Reuter (chair), University of Maryland; M. Douglas Anglin, UCLA;
David Boyum, BOTEC Analysis Corporation; Jonathan Caulkins, Carnegie-Mellon
University; Gary Emmett, Thomas Jefferson University; Wayne Hall, University
of New South Wales; Robert MacCoun, UC Berkeley; Douglas Ross, MayaTech
Corporation; Sally Satel, American Enterprise Institute; Charles R. Schuster,
Wayne State University; Eric E. Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy

Principles for Practical Drug Policies:

Other Publications:

For further information, please contact Professor Mark Kleiman at

Drug Policy Analysis Bulletin
c/o Federation of
American Scientists

307 Massachusetts Ave.,

Washington, DC 20002

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