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> Dr. Donald Abrams of University of California, San Francisco needs
> individuals who are currently using Oxycontin or MS Contin to join an
> important medical cannabis study! This research could potentially provide
> clinical proof that when added to conventional narcotic pain drugs,
> marijuana can provide added relief and often allow much-reduced doses of
> these dangerous narcotics.
> Dr. Abrams has conducted numerous groundbreaking medical marijuana studies
> and you could be involved in his next historic project! Time is of the
> essence, be one of two dozen people to impact medical marijuana research
> for the future.
> In order to ensure that this necessary research continues and is a
> success, Dr. Abrams is seeking out individuals who meet the following
> qualifications:
> To qualify, you must:
> Be taking either OxyContin or MS Contin (or Kadian) twice daily;
> Have smoked marijuana at least 6 times in the past;
> Be willing NOT to smoke marijuana for a month prior to screening for the
> study;
> Be willing not to smoke cigarettes at least 2 weeks prior to screening and
> through the study;
> Be 18 years or older;
> Meet some additional criteria;
> And you cannot:
> Be pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding;
> Be on chemo, radiation, or other cancer therapy;
> Be currently using alcohol or recreational drugs;
> Have kidney or liver failure, severe heart problems, high blood pressure,
> lung disease or a severe psychiatric disorder.
> The study takes place at San Francisco General Hospital, in the clinical
> research center, and is a 5-day inpatient stay. Participants may be
> eligible to receive up to $520.00 for travel reimbursements. You can read
> more about the study here:
> How to Get Involved:
> If you meet the qualifications above and are interested in participating
> in this historical research please contact Paul Couey at: 415-476-9554 ext
> 315 or e-mail at:
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