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HELP US SAVE YOUR JOBS!!! Please repost


Last Thursday the California Supreme
Court ruled that employers can fire workers who use medical marijuana even
if it was legally recommended by a doctor.

We knew this was going to happen because
Oregon did the same thing right at the time we were finishing up the
wording for the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2008
(CCHHI). We addressed this problem in our initiative under section 5(b).
Here is the wording we have included:


5(b): "Testing for inactive and/or inert
residual cannabis matabolites shall not be required for employment or
insurance, nor be considered in determining employment, other impairment,
or intoxication."


Now all we have to do is get this
initiative on the ballot to fix this problem. We have until the middle of
April to get 434,000 valid signatures. This means we’ll actually need
about 750,000 signatures all together. We need everyone’s help with this.
Please visit http://www.calhemp08.org for more information on how you can

The only way to reverse the Greenhouse
Effect is with Cannabis Hemp. It makes the best fuel on Earth, as well as
the best paper, fiber, food and medicines. Californians are smart to use
this wonderful plant and should not be threatened with losing their jobs
for it.

The average lifespan in the United States
is 76 for a man and 78 for a woman. But if you smoke pot morning, noon and
night, you will live an average of two years longer than if you
don’t. People who smoke pot but don’t smoke cigarettes
or drink alcohol will live approximately 8 to 24 years longer than those
who do smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. This was proven in studies done
by Dr. Vera Ruben on Rastafarians in Jamaica from 1968 to 1974. The
Rastafarians lived up in the hills and were the poorest people in Jamaica.
Everyone expected them to have the shortest lives but instead they had the
longest lives. They smoked pot morning, noon and night. This study cost
$6,000,000.00 and was an extremely comprehensive study. If the same study
was done today it would cost approximately

We can do something about this if we have
all of you helping us. We have about 90 days left so let’s get to work!!!


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