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>I couldn’t help but send this on…we need our freedom back.
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> Dear Fellow American,
> Would you support a President who…
> continually refers to the Constitution to justify all of his/her answers
> stands for the same things now as he/she has been, which is documented in
> his/her previous legislation, sponsored bills, and presidential debates
> stands for lower taxes, and understands that the only way that is possible
> is to cut government spending (and has sponsored 9 bills on this topic in
> this session of Congress)
> has never accepted or supported a lucrative pay raise or excessive tax
> breaks for Congress
> has never sponsored a bill for or voted for raising taxes
> will not accept any bribes from corporations to give them unfair tax
> breaks
> is widely supported by the public – he/she raised over $6 million in one
> day (setting a new record) and $19.5 million in one quarter for his/her
> presidential campaign, and the average donation was a little over $100
> (showing that it is the citizens, and not the corporations, that support
> this candidate)
> supports individual liberties, and is therefore against the Patriot Act
> and the allowing of warrantless government wiretapping and private
> internet surveillance (and sponsored 4 bills regarding this subject in the
> current session of Congress)
> wants to eliminate inefficient, money-wasting federal departments like the
> Department of Homeland Security, who was responsible for the untimely and
> ineffectual response to Hurricane Katrina, and instead wants to turn over
> the power to the states (therefore preserving federalism)
> is for the education of our future generation, and therefore will offer
> tax credits for teachers and students (and has sponsored 7 bills on this
> topic in this session of Congress)
> is against HMOs, and for reforming the current health care system to
> ensure that it is more efficient, offers more variety, and is more
> affordable (and has sponsored 4 bills on this topic in this session of
> Congress, including allowing citizens to claim medical procedures on their
> taxes and making every American eligible for a Health Savings Account),
> and is against universal healthcare because it gives too much power to the
> federal government
> served our country in times of need, and is a USAF veteran
> is a doctor and has his/her Ph.D
> has been a member of the United States Congress for 10 consecutive terms
> is against allowing illegal immigrants into our country, who take the jobs
> that could be used to get American citizens in poverty back on their feet
> is against the U.S. Mint continuing to print money to fund a failed war,
> which would halt and even reverse the fall of the dollar’s value
> wants to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible to save American lives and
> money, and has the highest support from soldiers overseas of any candidate
> (and understands that part of the Republican platform is fiscal
> conservatism, and in the past Republicans have been elected to end wars,
> never once to continue them, and especially wars that both the majority of
> Iraqi people and American people do not support)
> will not meddle in other countries’ foreign affairs, but supports friendly
> alliances
> supports a "greener" America, and has proposed tangible solutions in 2
> bills in this session of Congress alone (such as offering tax cuts for the
> installation of solar and wind power and prohibiting the federal
> government from using taxpayers’ money to do things that are harmful to
> the environment)
> is working to preserve the Social Security fund, and has sponsored 6 bills
> just in this session of Congress to do so
> wants to preserve our Second Amendment right to bear arms
> is personally against abortion (having delivered over 4000 babies in
> his/her career as a doctor), but believes that it is not constitutional to
> give the federal government the power to ban it, and is for giving the
> states their rightful power to decide how to handle the issue (and
> therefore preserving federalism, a concept presented in the Constitution)
> is opposed to the current "War on Drugs" because it has been largely
> unsuccessful and therefore wasteful of the taxpayers’ money
> stands for peace, and will never go to war without the support of Congress
> and the American people
> will be an effective leader because both the Republican and Democratic
> congressmen agree with parts of this candidate’s platform (therefore
> allowing more to get done in Congress rather than fruitless arguing)
> And what if I told you that this candidate DOES exist, and the only reason
> you might not know a lot about him/her is because the media is biased
> against him/her, since he/she won’t accept its money to compromise his/her
> beliefs?? This candidate refuses to offer corporations like the media
> unfair tax cuts, and so the media doesn’t want the public to know about
> and support this candidate.? They want to belittle the success and
> popularity of him/her to delude the masses into thinking he/she is a
> far-shot candidate.? The media doesn’t tell you that he/she has by far the
> most supporters on Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Myspace.com, Meetup.com, and
> in national Straw Polls, or that he/she has raised the most money of all
> the Republican candidates.? In addition to this, Fox News did not permit
> this candidate to participate in its New Hampshire Debates, it cut out one
> of the candidate’s strongest responses and all of the candidate’s applause
> from the second airing of the South Carolina D
> ebates, it purposefully did not air the statistical results showing that
> this candidate won the South Carolina Debates by a landslide (and even
> went so far as to say that another candidate won them), and it possibly
> knowingly cut the power to his/her earpiece halfway through the South
> Carolina Debates.? The media is trying its hardest to hide this candidate
> from the public in fear that the people will support him/her, because if
> they do, its unfair benefits will vanish and cease to be made up by the
> middle-class tax dollars.
> Fellow Americans, this candidate is Dr. Ron Paul.? Whether you support him
> or not, he deserves equal media coverage, as does every candidate (just as
> every American deserves to know about each candidate).? It’s wrong that
> multi-million dollar corporations control what the general public sees,
> and you can work towards fixing that by simply relaying these facts that
> the media is so desperately trying to hide to everyone you know.? And if
> you answered "yes" to a majority of the above questions, please look
> further into what this extraordinary man has to offer by personally
> viewing his sponsored bills at http://thomas.loc.gov (search by
> Representative, "Paul, Ron [R-TX-14]"), reading his writings at
> http://www.ronpaul2008.com, and watching his speeches on
> http://www.youtube.com (search for "Ron Paul").? Please help spread Ron
> Paul’s message and the message of equal opportunity by forwarding this
> email to everyone you know.
> Thank you for your time,
> Your fellow concerned voter, Kristen Szappanos ( eloyke@yahoo.com)
> Note: The author of this email was not hired by or even contacted by the
> Ron Paul presidential campaign, nor is she a radical extremist leader, but
> instead is simply a young American voter scared about the future of our
> great country.? She put forth time and effort to write this email, and
> would greatly appreciate it if you were to pass it on.
> Sources:
> http://www.ronpaul2008.com
> http://thomas.loc.gov
> http://www.youtube.com/ronpaul2008dotcom
> The United States Constitution
> First and second airing of the South Carolina debates, Fox News "You
> Decide" series
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