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Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 09:02:57 -0800
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Subject: OPN: [asa] Friday: Meet the Movement

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Friday: Meet the Movement
Check out ASA’s National Field Report

Dear ASA Supporter,
This week, activists across the nation have helped ASA celebrate Medical Marijuana Awareness Week. Now, we want you to meet the movement!
Working as ASA’s national Field Coordinator, I am regularly asked, "So, what exactly does ASA do?" I smile and say, "oh where to begin…" Among the many other services ASA provides to patients such as legal and other forms of support, trainings, lobbying on Capitol Hill, media work, and outreach to the larger non-medical cannabis communities, the heart of ASA’s work lies in our activists and what they are doing on the ground level.
It is for this reason I am very excited to announce that today, on 2-15, ASA would like to recognize the accomplishments our chapters and affiliates achieved in 2007. Today, ASA is releasing the first National Field Report. This report provides a snapshot of all the local, state, and national campaigns ASA’s chapters and affiliates worked on in 2007 and highlights some exciting accomplishments in the field. Download the report today, sit back and learn about what ASA chapters, affiliates, and activists are doing in your neck of the woods.

The 2007 National Field Report has been compiled from dozens of reports by ASA’s local chapters and affiliates. It embodies the meaningful work that the grassroots medical marijuana movement focused on during 2007. Please download this report and read about what your peers in the movement are doing to ensure safe access in your community, state, and beyond!
Once you have checked out the report we are challenging you to start or join an ASA chapter! Check out www.AmericansforSafeAccess.org/LocalResources to see if there is an ASA chapter in your community. ASA chapters and affiliates represent the core of ASA’s political activism. If there is no chapter or affiliate in your region, start one today! It’s easy, and ASA staff will guide you through the process. ASA groups are extremely independent in terms of campaign activities, and we encourage creativity. We understand that "all politics is local" and so it’s important for you to think about what makes sense for your community. Several campaign ideas are laid out in ASA’s organizing handbook, and others can be found on our website at www.AmericansforSafeAccess.org/StartAChapter

Ways to Meet the Movement:

1. Check Out ASA’s National Field Report: Read ASA’s National Field Report.

2. Join or start an ASA Chapter: Using ASA’s online resources, find out if there is an ASA chapter in your area. If there isn’t a group, start a chapter in your community. To start an ASA chapter or become an affiliate contact ASA’s Field Coordinator, Sonnet Seeborg Gabbard at Sonnet@AmericansforSafeAccess.org or call ASA headquarters at (510) 251-1856 x 321.
3. Join the Movement: In the past day, hundreds of supporters have joined the movement by donating to ASA. There are thousands more of you who support ASA, but have not taken action yet. Please join the movement today. It only takes a couple minutes and will renew your commitment to the medical cannabis movement.
4. Spread the Word: Forward this message widely to friends, co-workers, and family to encourage them to join you in the national movement to protect safe access!

Thank you for taking action and keep an eye out for Saturday’s and Sunday’s exciting action!
Sonnet Seeborg Gabbard
Field Coordinator
Americans for Safe Access

    Americans for Safe Access is the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.



    Brandy Zink, LMT
    Executive Director
    Ohio Patient Action Network
    President Ohio Patient Network



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