420 Magazine Newsletter – January 20, 2008

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> January 20, 2008
> International Cannabis News – Updated Daily!
> Plea Deal For Prince of Pot Means Jail Time For Marijuana Activist In The
> U.S.
> Canada’s so-called prince of pot is planning for prison after reaching a
> plea bargain with U.S. officials over his Internet sales of marijuana
> seeds. But Marc Emery remains defiant, despite the prospect of serving a
> five-year-jail term and has no regrets over his pot-promoting antics
> through the years. "I’m really pleased and proud of what I’ve done," Emery
> said of his legacy. "I wish I could have done more to piss the U.S.
> government off actually." Emery, 50, said Monday that U.S. prosecutors
> made the offer to his lawyer for a 10-year-prison term that would mean he
> would have to spend at least five years in prison, most of it in Canada.
> The agreement also spares his co-accused Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams
> from doing jail time.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72619-plea-deal-prince-pot-means-jail-time-marijuana-activist-u-s.html
> Governor Calls For Release Of Prisoners
> As many as 22,000 state prisoners may be released early as part of a
> proposal made last week by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The plan would
> allow nonviolent, non-serious and nonsexual offenders to be released 20
> months before their sentence is scheduled to end. The plan is part of a
> series of proposals the governor has made to ease California’s projected
> $14.5 billion budget deficit. Of the inmates that could be released as
> part of the proposal, about half are serving time for drug-related
> offenses such as possession and sale of marijuana and hashish, said Seth
> Unger, press secretary for the California Department of Corrections and
> Rehabilitation.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72705-governor-calls-release-prisoners.html
> Second Positive Marijuana Test Ousts Top American Wrestler From Olympics
> Former world wrestling champion Joe Warren will miss the Olympics after an
> arbitrator upheld the American’s two-year suspension for a second positive
> test for marijuana. The decision, announced Tuesday by the U.S.
> Anti-Doping Agency, will leave the U.S. team without the 2006 world
> champion in the Greco Roman 132-pound division. The seven-page decision
> outlined Warren’s argument that a two-year ban, which makes him ineligible
> for the Olympics, was too harsh a penalty for using a drug that did not
> enhance his performance. Warren, whose therapist diagnosed him with major
> depression, said he was aware a second positive test would carry a harsh
> penalty but testified that ”it was hard to stop because he needed to use
> it to help him sleep,” the decision said.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72642-second-positive-marijuana-test-ousts-top-american-wrestler-olympics.html
> Marijuana Charges Dropped Against ‘Married with Children’ Actor
> The actor best known for playing Bud Bundy on TV’s Married . . . with
> Children no longer faces a marijuana charge in Volusia County. Prosecutors
> recently dropped the misdemeanor charge against David Faustino after the
> 34-year-old Los Angeles resident completed a substance-abuse treatment
> program in California. "He received no special treatment from the State
> Attorney’s Office," said his Daytona Beach defense attorney, Mike
> Rodriguez. "He did what was asked of him, and he fulfilled all of his
> conditions."
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72666-marijuana-charges-dropped-against-married-children-actor.html
> Lawsuit Says Deputies Targeted Man For Medical Marijuana
> A paraplegic man from Malaga has sued Eddy County sheriff’s deputies.
> Leonard French alleges they seized marijuana plants and equipment to grow
> them last summer despite the fact he has a license under New Mexico’s
> medical marijuana law. According to the American Civil Liberties Union of
> New Mexico, French thought drug task force agents had come to his home to
> check his compliance with the medical marijuana law. He showed them his
> license, growing equipment, two small marijuana plants and a pipe to smoke
> marijuana.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72682-lawsuit-says-deputies-targeted-man-medical-marijuana.html
> Couple To Ask Police To Pay For Dead Marijuana
> A couple plans to file for compensation after they say police destroyed
> their medical marijuana. The 39 marijuana plants were seized from James
> and Lisa Masters’ home in August 2006 during a raid by Fort Collins
> Police. Criminal charges against the couple were dismissed in June 2007
> and in November a judge ordered that police return all of the seized
> materials. The Masters got the plants back in December, but all of the
> marijuana plants were dead. According to DEA estimates, each plant is
> worth thousands of dollars. The Masters plan to ask for compensation on
> Thursday. It would be the first request of its kind in Colorado history.
> The Masters say police were legally required to keep the marijuana plants
> alive.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72665-couple-ask-police-pay-dead-marijuana.html
> Emery Should Be A Free Man
> Nowhere has this truth been more evident than in the two-year-long efforts
> by American drug police to extradite Marc Emery, entrepreneur, leader of
> the B.C. Marijuana Party and the West Coast’s self-styled "Prince of Pot."
> For years, the government has looked the other way as Mr. Emery has become
> a millionaire many times over. But even as he has remained a free man in
> Canada, Ottawa has felt pressured by Washington to crack down on Mr. Emery
> for alleged breach of U.S. drug laws ( Americans complain that his
> mail-order business has sold seeds to U.S. buyers. )
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72636-emery-should-free-man.html
> Canada Skirks Its Duty in Prince of Pot Case
> If the deal goes through, Emery will avoid being extradited to the U.S. to
> face trial there, where he would face a minimum 10-year sentence, and a
> maximum of life in prison if convicted. The deal seems a good one for
> Vancouver’s self-styled Prince of Pot. Yet it shouldn’t have been
> necessary, since Emery should never have faced extradition to the U.S. The
> Treaty on Extradition Between Canada and the United States and Canada’s
> Extradition Act require that two conditions be met before people in Canada
> can be sent to the U.S.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72660-canada-skirks-its-duty-prince-pot-case.html
> Change Crops For Greener Biofuels, Scientist Says
> Canada should be looking at different crops for biofuels because the
> original reasons for promoting ethanol have changed, plant physiologist
> David Layzell said. The use of food crops like corn to make ethanol is
> pushing up food prices and consuming a product that can sustain people.
> Switchgrass has potential as a biofuel that doesn’t reduce food supplies,
> David Layzell said. Instead, Layzell told CBC.ca on Friday, Canada should
> be looking at crops like poplar, willow, switchgrass or hemp as fuel
> sources. "All you want is the energy," he said. Crops that produce "more
> kilometres per hectare," don’t reduce food supplies and don’t take
> valuable nutrients out of the soil are what are needed.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/industrial-hemp-news/72703-change-crops-greener-biofuels-scientist-says.html
> Appeals Court Snuffs Out Warrantless Marijuana Search
> Police can’t enter a home without a warrant just because they see someone
> inside smoking marijuana, a state appeals court ruled Friday. In
> overturning a Pacifica man’s conviction, the state Court of Appeal in San
> Francisco said officers may enter someone’s home to preserve evidence of a
> crime – but only if the crime is punishable by jail or prison. Under a
> 1975 California law, the court noted, possession of less than an ounce of
> marijuana is a misdemeanor carrying a fine of as much as $100, with no
> jail time even for a repeat offense. That means police who see someone
> smoking can enter only if they have the resident’s permission or a warrant
> from a judge, the court said.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72567-appeals-court-snuffs-out-warrantless-marijuana-search.html
> First Marijuana Clinic In Riverside To Open Thursday
> CALIFORNIA – An 80-year-old great-grandmother from Temecula could be the
> first person to get a legal recommendation in the city of Riverside to use
> marijuana for medicinal reasons. Iris Berger said she plans to use the
> drug to ease the pain of arthritis in her hands and back. She is scheduled
> to be the first patient at a medical marijuana clinic opening Thursday at
> 647 N. Main St., in northern Riverside. "It seems to help," said Berger,
> whose son and daughter-in-law are longtime medical marijuana users and
> advocates. The couple won a three-year legal battle in late 2003 after
> being arrested for growing marijuana to treat their chronic illnesses.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72643-first-marijuana-clinic-riverside-open-thursday.html
> Hemp And Bamboo For Your Car Interior
> Natural fibres derived from hemp, coconut, bamboo or kenaf could be used
> in car interiors to get away from the "plastic feeling" of many cars on
> the road. "What is going to be key for cars is the way the interior feels,
> smells, sounds and looks like," said Philippe Aumont, the product planning
> vice president at French car parts group Faurecia. He said statistics in
> Europe showed the majority of people buy their cars without a test drive.
> "So the time they spend in the showroom is very important – the click of a
> button, the touch of the dashboard, the feel of the steering wheel, the
> sound of closing the glove compartment," he said on the sidelines of the
> North American International Auto Show on Tuesday. "It is all about
> perceived quality."
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/industrial-hemp-news/72645-hemp-bamboo-your-car-interior.html
> NPD Seizes $2 Million Of Marijuana On West Loop
> Nacogdoches police seized 158 bales of marijuana during a routine stop of
> a tractor trailer on the West Loop Sunday afternoon, according to NPD Lt.
> Darrell Trawick. About 1 p.m. officer Stephen Godfrey pulled the truck
> over for a traffic violation and found that certain paperwork was not in
> order, Trawick said. During an inspection of the truck, which was also
> carrying grapefruit and aloe vera, Godfrey discovered approximately 4,000
> pounds of marijuana, estimated to be worth close to $2 million.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72593-npd-seizes-2-million-marijuana-west-loop.html
> Hemp Products Are Growing A Reputation In Health Food Market
> Hemp is moving from the counterculture to countertops. More hemp food
> products, from brownies and milk to cereals, have hit local grocery store
> shelves since the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined the Drug
> Enforcement Agency could not ban the sale of hemp foods in 2004. Because
> of this ruling, there has been a "huge boom" in the United States hemp
> food sales, said Maria Emmer-Aanes, director of marketing for Nature’s
> Path, a hemp food maker. For more than 6,000 years, sails, ropes and even
> gruel have been produced from the hemp plant, said John Roulac, founder
> and CEO of hemp food producer Nutiva. Parts of the hemp plant are also
> made into clothing, floors and shower curtains.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/industrial-hemp-news/72644-hemp-products-growing-reputation-health-food-market.html
> How to Get Legal Medical Marijuana in California
> Have you or anyone you know experienced an illness which you believe
> Medical Marijuana could provide relief? Anxiety, Arthritis, AIDS, Chronic
> Pain, Chronic Nausea, Cancer, Glaucoma, Insomnia, Migraines, Sports
> Injuries or Auto Accidents. Yes, in the state of California, it is legal
> to own, grow and smoke Medical Marijuana as long as you do it properly.
> Qualifying is simple and our experienced physicians are more than happy to
> help you.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/medical-marijuana-doctors/50661-pacific-support-services-medical-marijuana-doctors-los-angeles-ca.html
> Island Growers Happy With Medical-Marijuana Court Ruling
> VICTORIA – A Duncan company is gearing up to supply nearly 300 customers
> with medical marijuana in the wake of a federal court ruling striking down
> a restriction on sales of the drug. Island Harvest applauded the decision
> to declare unconstitutional a regulation that had prevented growers from
> selling pot to more than one patient. Judge Barry Strayer said the Health
> Canada policy violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "We were so
> happy," said Eric Nash, who owns Island Harvest with wife Wendy Little.
> "Of course, we’re not holding our breath because we know the government
> will appeal.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72599-island-growers-happy-medical-marijuana-court-ruling.html
> Naked Girls Smoking Weed – Press Release
> CALIFORNIA – "Naked Girls Smoking Weed – Best of 420 Girls" now available
> in hardcover. Rob Griffin’s coffee table book of cannabis facts and
> photography, published by Goliath Books, contains hundreds of photos of
> naked girls smoking, praising, and beautifying cannabis. The message is
> highly progressive. Each page highlights quotes and facts about hemp and
> marijuana. Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets and adamant amateur models came
> together. They shared their love and facilitated a revolutionary cannabis
> awareness publication. This splendid compilation features the kind girls
> from 420Girls.com in tandem with spirited text. Best Seller and #1 Erotic
> Photography Book at Amazon.com.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/california-cannabis-news/71482-naked-girls-smoking-weed-press-release.html
> City Council To Discuss Decriminalization Of Pot
> VERMONT – The Burlington City Council will debate Monday whether to put
> the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana to a
> citywide vote. Councilors Ed Adrian, D-Ward 1, and Tim Ashe, P-Ward 3, are
> co-sponsoring a resolution that would put the question directly to city
> voters March 4. Adrian said Monday he has been working on the issue for
> some time, "getting support on the council." He said Gov. Jim Douglas’s
> comment last week that he is willing to have a "conversation" about
> decriminalizing marijuana persuaded additional councilors to support the
> Burlington initiative. Adrian also credited Windsor County State’s
> Attorney Robert Sand for raising the issue.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72624-city-council-discuss-decriminalization-pot.html
> Colorado Police Return Marijuana To Former Marine
> Police in Aurora have given back dozens of marijuana plants they seized.
> The owner claimed the pot was being used for medicinal purposes and he had
> a state issued card to back it up. Police were very careful before
> returning the marijuana. The issue they said was a discrepancy between
> state and federal law regarding possession of marijuana for medical
> purposes. After being arrested and his 71 marijuana plants seized, charges
> against Kevin Dickes were dropped. He then went to Aurora police
> headquarters to get the marijuana back. "This is an historic day," Dickes
> attorney Robert Corry said. "This is the largest return of medical
> marijuana that I am aware of in Colorado history."
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72482-aurora-police-return-marijuana-former-marine.html
> Court Receptionist Accused Of Accepting Marijuana Delivery
> A receptionist for the Cook County public defender’s office has entered a
> not guilty plea on charges she accepted a delivery of nearly 38 pounds of
> marijuana at her Loop office. Forty-year-old Lamour Holloway was arrested
> November 27 after an undercover officer, dressed as a UPS worker,
> delivered the package to Holloway at the Cook County Administration
> Building. A police dog detected drugs in the package, which was shipped
> from California and addressed to Holloway. Holloway was arrested when,
> prosecutors said, she attempted to load the drugs into a vehicle in which
> her husband was waiting. She was charged with possession of cannabis.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72481-receptionist-accused-accepting-marijuana-delivery.html
> Reefer Madness Gone Wild in Wisconsin
> In 2003, 26,494 persons were arrested in Wisconsin statewide for
> drug-related crimes, according to the Wisconsin Office of Justice
> Assistance. Of this number, 20,245 were arrested for drug possession.
> Almost 75 percent of those (14,097) were arrested for possession of
> marijuana. Statewide, the average rates of marijuana arrests per 100,000
> population dwarfed arrests for possession of other drugs for 2001-03, OJA
> data disclosed. Nationally, in 2005, the Federal Bureau of Investigation
> reported some 786,545 persons were arrested for marijuana violations, of
> which 696,074 were arrested for possession of marijuana.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72509-reefer-madness-good-start.html
> Medical Marijuana Payback Burns Colorado Police
> Policing pot in Colorado is about to get a lot more complicated. The
> kick-in-the-door raids SWAT teams have long employed could now cost cities
> hundreds of thousands of dollars following two landmark court decisions
> upholding the state’s constitutional protection of medical marijuana.
> Under the rulings, police departments are required to return any marijuana
> and paraphernalia taken from state-sanctioned growers, and can be sued by
> those growers if the crops aren’t preserved. The largest case thus far
> involves Kevin Dickes, who intends to sue the Denver suburb of Aurora for
> over $360,000 in pot damages. It comes less than a month after a judge
> ordered the return of an estimated $200,000 of medical marijuana to a
> couple in Fort Collins.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72510-medical-marijuana-payback-burns-colorado-police.html
> Arizona Initiative Would Make Marijuana Legal for Ill
> An initiative being crafted would spell out that individuals who are
> certified by their doctors as needing the drug would be able to possess
> small amounts – the details are still being worked out – without running
> afoul of state law. They also would be able to grow their own drugs.
> Backers, organized as the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, have
> until July 3 to get the 153,365 signatures necessary to put the measure on
> the November ballot. Financing for the initiative is coming from the
> national Marijuana Policy Project which bills itself as the largest
> marijuana policy reform organization in the country. It already has kicked
> in $10,000.
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72538-initiative-would-make-marijuana-legal-ill.html
> Vt. Senate To Consider Bills Easing Pot Laws
> Sen. Richard Sears, D-Bennington, has scheduled a hearing before the
> Senate Judiciary Committee on the evening of Jan. 23 to hear from members
> of the public who have concerns about Vermont’s drug policies. After the
> hearing, that committee is expected to begin taking testimony on the
> two-pronged approach, which would boost penalties for possessing the
> harder drugs and use civil violations and the court diversion program for
> marijuana possession. "I thought it was important to let the public weigh
> in before we started taking a close look at the proposals," said Sears,
> the chair of the Judiciary Committee. "This is a change in state law
> regarding drugs, and the public probably has some thoughts about this."
> http://www.420magazine.com/forums/international-cannabis-news/72550-vt-senate-consider-bills-easing-pot-laws.html
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