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Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 5:17 PM
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> February 18, 2008
> The DC neocons think their old dream is about to come true. They think
> they can defeat me in the Republican congressional primary in Texas on
> March 4th. And you know what? They may be right.
> My opponent, who describes himself as a traditional conservative, is a
> dedicated servitor of all the special interests who have given us the
> disaster of recent years, from unconstitutional wars to a looming
> recession, from huge deficits to massive new welfare programs.
> A Republican operative allied with the worst forces in DC recently said:
> "Give what you can [to Ron Paul’s opponent]. Ron Paul is running scared —
> using his Presidential campaign’s donors’ money to subsidize a desperate
> last-minute attempt to save his Congressional seat."
> That is a lie, of course. It is illegal to use presidential campaign
> donations in my congressional race. The congressional campaign has to
> stand on its own. But so far, we have raised only about a third of what a
> well-funded effort would need.
> In my 10 terms in Congress, I have not only been able to serve my
> constituents, and help them, for example, negotiate federal red-tape. I
> have also been able to defend our principles of less spending, lower
> taxes, no inflation, and strict adherence to the Constitution. Some people
> in DC laugh at the idea that I should obey my oath of office, and ask
> first of any proposed legislation, is it constitutional? But I know that
> you share my support for the vision of the framers.
> My friend Congressmen Wayne Gilchrest (R-Maryland) was just defeated in
> his primary election by a neocon fraud similar to the one I face. My
> friend Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) is under heavy pressure as well.
> People like our hand-picked opponents will do anything to gain and keep
> power. They represent everything that is wrong with DC.
> If I am defeated in the upcoming congressional primary, our ideas will be
> held to have been defeated as well. It will be proclaimed from the
> rooftops in DC that such "ridiculous and outmoded notions" as the free
> market, sound money, personal liberty, limited government, and a
> pro-American foreign policy are through.
> I am determined not to let this happen. All that you and I believe in is
> far too important to the future of our country, and to everyone and
> everything we love, to let the neocons dance on its grave.
> Please, help me stop the lies, the distortions, the pressure groups, the
> special interests that benefit from DC rip-offs. There is still time to
> run radio and tv ads, to set up phone banks, to get out the vote. But
> unless you help, my reelection to Congress may be in jeopardy. Please help
> me return to Congress to fight for the people of my district, and for the
> ideas that can save our country from the path to trouble we are now on.
> I hesitated to ask you, since you have already done so much. But my wife
> Carol said, "When you need help, you ask your best friends." So I do ask
> you, to hold out your hand in support.
> Please give today, as generously and as
> quickly as you can.
> Sincerely,
> Ron
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