McCain: Step up drug war

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> McCain: Step up drug war
> By The Denver Post
> Article Last Updated: 09/03/2007 12:21:53 AM MDT
> Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Sunday said the U.S. should
> step up its war on drugs as part of efforts to secure the country’s
> borders.
> He said that’s because Americans are to blame for "creating the demand"
> for illegal drugs that come into the country and give too much power to
> drug cartels that terrorize border areas.
> "We are creating the demand. We are creating the demand for these drugs
> coming across our border, which maybe means that we should go back more
> trying to make some progress and in telling Americans, particularly young
> Americans, that the use of drugs is a terrible thing for them to do," he
> said.
> The Arizona senator spoke during an appearance at a central Iowa farm
> where he devoted much of the conversation with a few dozen supporters to
> foreign relations and immigration.
> Edwards: All must go to doc
> ocratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said Sunday that his
> universal-health- care proposal would require that Americans go to the
> doctor for preventive care.
> "If you are going to be in the system, you can’t choose not to go to the
> doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that
> you are OK," he told a crowd in front of the Cedar County (Iowa)
> Courthouse in Tipton.
> He noted, for example, that women would be required to have regular
> mammograms in an effort to find and treat "the first trace of problem."
> Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, announced earlier this year that her
> breast cancer had returned and spread.
> Clinton defends the system
> Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday challenged her top rivals’
> claims that she is too conventional to bring needed change to Washington,
> declaring "you bring change by working in the system."
> Clinton argued that political transformation can come only by working
> within established rules and seeking common ground when necessary.
> Her years as part of the Washington establishment as first lady and as a
> New York senator have convinced her that real change can come only by
> seeking consensus, she told a rally on the lawn of the New Hampshire state
> capitol in Concord.
> "I’ve learned you bring change by working in the system established by the
> Constitution," she said. "You can’t pretend the system doesn’t exist."
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