I lost one of my best friends today…

LORD took her home.
She had been ill for quite some time – with
Hepatitis, Liver Disease, Alcoholism (which she had fairly recently went to
treatment for).
It all started by around 1996, when she was
injured in a fall and ruptured her spleen.
Having no insurance she was treated at
"University Hospital" and her Spleen was not removed due to the fact that there
was no insurance and at the time they did not consider it to be "a life or
death" need.
She followed up with the clinic doctors as
much as she could, but routinely didn’t take prescribed medicine or make her
doctor’s appointments because of lack of money and fear of creditors and of
loosing her house.
She was married to a wonderful man that had
to go away to Iraq for over two years of the five years they were married. 
In fact they married just days before he was to leave for war.
She had tried to take care of herself the
best way she knew how and had quit her drinking for the most part over the past
two years.
She would not hardly use cannabis because
she had had previous charges in the past for minor drug offenses and didn’t
want to get in any more trouble.
She had a grown son and several
grandchildren.  She also had one teenage son at home still.
Along with all this she managed to take
care of her mentally handicapped and blind sister-in-law, AND her own Mother who
had been in the hospital multiple times and could no longer live
So even though she was "deathly ill", she
still cared for them AND the rest of her family, even when she was the one that
needed the care.
She was always a cheerful person even
though she had so much going on.  I, myself, could not have ever held up
under that much stress on top of my own illness.
I sincerely believe if she had been able to
have "top quality" insurance that she would still be alive – although I will say
that she died as a result of cardiac arrest, secondary to liver failure and
congestive heart failure.
Im sure that her alcoholism played a
major role  in her death, however, I believe that our healthcare system for
the poor and uninsured is sinfully inadequate. 
I also will say that I believe she would
not have suffered as much as she did if she had had access to medical marijuana
and a doctor that could have monitored that treatment.  It may have been
able to prolong her life and most especially her quality of life. 
At 49 years old, my friend GILDA is gone
forever, and has become another statistic in the healthcare crisis of this
It is also notable that she was paying a
premium through the state of Kentucky for the Medicaid insurance that she
was receiving (income based).
I have seen many people spiral down through
the healthcare system.  It is not a pretty sight.
I will never forget my friend GILDA. 
I know in my heart that she is in a much happier place now.
But that idea will not console her young
sons, her Husband and other family members and a mother should never have
to bury their child.  Regardless of their age.  And I should not have
had to loose a friend. 
"My beautiful friend",
"I will see you when it is time, and I love
you now and will miss you forever".  " GILDA". , "Goodbye my
Feb 11, 2008
"The World we create is the World our
children will have to live in"…. 

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