KS: Medical Pot’s Backers, Critics Speak At Capitol

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> Source: Wichita Eagle (KS)
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> Author: Jeannine Koranda
> Referenced: Medical Marijuana Defense Act
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> Kansas Compassionate Care Coalition http://ksccc.org/
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> TOPEKA – Several people urged lawmakers Monday to approve a measure that
> would allow some patients to use a note from their physician as a defense
> for possessing marijuana.
> Opponents, including law enforcement, the Pharmacy Board and the Kansas
> Medical Society, questioned the plant’s efficacy in treating symptoms of
> disease such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.
> The measure, SB 556, dubbed the Medical Marijuana Defense Act, would allow
> people with diseases such as glaucoma, cancer or multiple sclerosis to use
> a note from their doctor as a defense to possessing marijuana and related
> paraphernalia.
> Eleven states have some form of a medical marijuana program, according to
> the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
> The idea drew a lot of attention, but the committee is unlikely to vote on
> it.
> Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, the committee’s chairwoman, said the
> medicines used to treat pain and nausea for cancer patients have come a
> long way.
> "I don’t see it as something that is necessary in this day and age," she
> said.
> Eric Voth, chairman of the Institute on Global Drug Policy, said the
> measure would create a "get out of jail free card" for people who could
> convince a physician they needed marijuana.
> "Marijuana is a sorry excuse for medicine," he told the committee,
> claiming the legislation was part of a national push to legalize the drug.
> "Extensive studies have not proven the claim that it helps in any way, and
> the harm that it would do to our society as a whole makes this bill not in
> the best interest of the state," said Jeff Brandau, special agent in
> charge of the Topeka Regional Special Operations Division for the Kansas
> Bureau of Investigation.
> Other opponents said the measure would make it hard to tell children that
> marijuana was harmful and expressed fear about the possibility of
> street-corner pot shops. However, patients with certain diseases and their
> families see marijuana as a relief to their suffering.
> When her son was suffering from multiple sclerosis, smoking marijuana
> stopped his screaming, said Bette Hulser of Topeka.
> "After seeing my son I knew then I would never do anything to stop him
> from smoking marijuana," said Hulser, who described herself as "pretty
> straight-laced."
> Laura Green, the director for Kansas Compassionate Care Coalition, said
> she’d heard from hundreds of people whose family members had used
> marijuana to relieve their suffering from cancer and multiple sclerosis.
> "We cannot continue to let these vulnerable people be convicted of illegal
> drug use when they are simply trying to gain relief from pain and
> suffering with their doctor’s support," she said.
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