Nationwide campaign to end DEA raids on mmj patients

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> Patients Ask Future President to Order End of DEA Raids
> Nationwide campaign to stop federal prosecutions of medical marijuana
> As Republican and Democratic presidential candidates vie for their party’s
> nomination, Americans for Safe Access has launched a nationwide campaign
> urging whoever is elected come November to end federal raids in states
> with medical marijuana laws.
> The campaign reminds candidates that, if elected, they can order an
> immediate stop to federal interference in state medical marijuana
> programs. The proposed Executive Order would cut off federal funds
> currently being used to prosecute patients and providers in states where
> medical marijuana is legal.
> "To counter the increased level of federal interference in states with
> medical marijuana laws, we’re asking candidates to clearly state their
> opposition by pledging to issue an Executive Order, if elected." said
> Caren Woodson, ASA’s Director of Government Affairs. "We’re spending
> millions of dollars on law enforcement actions that harm our most
> vulnerable citizens, but the President has the power to stop it at any
> time."
> Over the past two years, federal raids and prosecutions of medical
> marijuana patients and providers have been escalating. While federal
> interference with state medical marijuana programs has been widespread,
> some have been hit harder than others.
> In California, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has
> conducted more than 100 raids and threatened more than 300 landlords with
> criminal prosecution and asset forfeiture for renting space to patient
> collectives. Federal prosecutors are currently pursuing more than 100
> medical marijuana-related cases, all of which carry the threat of long
> prison sentences.
> ASA’s Executive Order campaign focuses on Presidential candidates that
> have already made supportive statements on medical marijuana: Senators
> Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Representative Ron Paul. All are
> being asked to pledge to end the raids by Executive Order, if elected.
> ASA’s proposed order reads, in part:
> "No funds made available to the Department of Justice shall be used to
> prevent States from implementing adopted laws that authorize the use,
> distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana. In
> particular, no funds shall be used to investigate, seize, arrest or
> prosecute in association with the distribution of medical marijuana,
> unless such distribution has been found by adjudication to violate state
> or local law."
> DEA interference is drawing increasing opposition from lawmakers,
> including Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, who has condemned the DEA tactics,
> and House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. The Berkeley City Council has
> passed a resolution condemning the raids, and San Francisco Supervisors
> are expected to do the same this week. Chairman Conyers has said he will
> hold oversight hearings on the DEA’s "efforts to undermine California
> state law."
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