Kennedy/Kerry letter for mmj grow in Mass

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> Demand Research: Senate Drop-In Days – February 12th and 13th
> Set up meetings with your U.S. Senators’ local district offices on
> February the 12th and/or 13th to talk about the research sign-on letter
> Senators Kennedy and Kerry are circulating to enable FDA-approved medical
> marijuana research. Visit for contact information for your
> local district office. Ask to schedule a meeting to discuss medical
> marijuana research. Your Senator’s staff may not be able to meet with you
> on the 12th or 13th and that is fine, just be sure to schedule a meeting
> for the soonest available date. Look for tips on citizen lobbying in the
> February organizer packets.
> When meeting with your Senators’ offices please bring with you the
> following materials, which can be found at:
> 1. Research/Gridlock campaign fact sheet
> 2. The Kennedy/Kerry letter of support
> 3. University of MA’s letter of support
> What to Ask: Please support medical cannabis research by co-signing the
> Kennedy/Kerry letter to Acting DEA Administrator, Michele Leonhart, urging
> her agency to follow the recommendation of Administrative Law Judge Mary
> Ellen Bittner and grant a license to Prof. Lyle Craker of UMass Amherst to
> grow marijuana exclusively for federally-approved research. To join the
> letter, contact ASA’s Director of Government Affairs, Caren Woodson at
> (202) 857-4272.
> Follow Up: At your meeting or drop-in, be sure to schedule a follow up
> meeting to discuss other pressing national medical cannabis issues. After
> you take action, be sure to contact to
> let us know how it went!
> If you have questions about scheduling meetings with your senators’
> offices, contact or call (510) 251-1856
> ext. 321.
> Headquarters 1322 Webster Street, Suite 402, Oakland, CA 94612
> National Offi ce 1730 M Street NW, Suite 611, Washington DC 20036
> 888-929-4367
> Go to for links to pdf version of Kennedy/Kerry
> Letter.
> Here is an email version:
> On February 12, 2007, DEA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Mary Ellen
> Bittner issued an Opinion and
> Recommended Ruling determining that DEA should grant the application of
> Professor Lyle Craker, University
> of Massachusetts-Amherst, for a Schedule I license to grow marijuana for
> distribution exclusively to federally
> approved researchers. Prof. Craker’s proposed production facility would
> resolve the controversy over medical
> marijuana by determining whether it meets the FDA’s standards for safety
> and effi cacy.
> Unfortunately, DEA is under no obligation to accept Judge Bittner’s
> administrative ruling.
> What is at issue?
> Should DEA grant a Schedule I bulk manufacturer license to Prof. Lyle
> Craker, Director, Medicinal Plant Program,
> Dept. of Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences, UMass Amherst, to establish a
> privately funded facility to produce marijuana
> exclusively for federally approved and privately funded research?
> What is the problem?
> Despite the fact that federal law clearly requires adequate competition in
> the manufacture of Schedule
> I and II substances, since 1968 the National Institute on Drug Abuse
> (NIDA) has maintained an unjustifi ed
> monopoly on the production of marijuana for legitimate medical and
> research purposes in the US. DEA helps to
> protect NIDA’s monopoly by refusing to grant competitive licenses for
> marijuana production.
> Currently, the only way for marijuana to be evaluated by the FDA to
> determine whether it meets the standards
> necessary to become a medicine under federal law is for privately-funded
> sponsors to conduct FDA-approved
> Unfortunately, NIDA’s monopoly on the
> supply of legal marijuana is a fundamental obstruction to such privately
> funded research, which is currently not
> being conducted despite strong public interest.The DEA wants to have it
> both ways, denying that
> marijuana is a medicine because the FDA has not approved it, while
> simultaneously blocking the
> appropriate administrative channels which would facilitate FDA clinical
> trials.
> Arbitrary and Lengthy Delays: Despite the fact that it is not NIDA’s
> mission to study the medicinal
> uses of marijuana or to advocate for such research, NIDA’s monopoly on the
> supply of cannabis available
> for research results in arbitrary and lengthy delays. For example, Chemic
> Labs, a DEA-licensed analytical lab, was
> made to wait more than two years for a reply to its initial request to
> purchase 10 grams of marijuana for privately
> sponsored research into vaporizers, a non-smoking delivery system which
> the Institute of Medicine report
> recommended be developed. After two years of delay, the application was
> rejected. NIDA has also refused to
> provide marijuana to two other privately sponsored, FDA approved protocols
> that sought to evaluate marijuana for
> AIDS wasting syndrome (IND #43-542) and for migraines (IND #58-177).
> What is the resolution?
> Congress should support and encourage DEA to accept the February 2007
> Opinion and Recommended
> Ruling of Administrative Law Judge Mary Ellen Bittner. Furthermore, DEA
> should grant a Schedule I
> bulk manufacturer license to Prof. Lyle Craker, UMass Amherst, to
> establish a privately funded facility to
> produce marijuana exclusively for federally approved and privately funded
> research.
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